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2012 SWIFT Update for Volante Designer Released

Volante Technologies, provider of integration technology for business information agility, today announced its release of the latest SWIFT Standards Release 2012 updates for its comprehensive SWIFT integration solutions with complete support for all network validation rules.

Volante now supports the entire range of SWIFT MX messaging, including pre-built MT-MX translations for all published translations. These span the domains of corporate actions, credit transfers and cash management, investment funds and settlement and reconciliation. These translations are fully customizable and can be adapted to the specific usage patterns of institutions.

In addition, the Volante update debuts the new "one-click upgrade" that automatically installs the newest version to existing Volante implementations. This minimizes upgrade time and increases the time available to users for testing the new messages over the SWIFT network.

"We are proud to illustrate the maintenance ease of our software in this way, by updating and expanding our SWIFT messaging solutions only a week after SWIFT released its 2012 standards," said Vijay Oddiraju, CEO of Volante. "When this is considered alongside our perfect scores in the SWIFT certification program, it is clear why Volante integration software is winning new users around the globe. It's simply easier to use and more useful in getting projects done faster and delivering continuing value in data management."

Volante Designer enables SWIFT integration to any application, database or network environment through built-in expertise of a broad range of messaging standards, vendor feeds and proprietary message integration. Unlike other integration tools, integration solutions built using Volante are platform-agnostic, enabling users to integrate data messaging on any platform, and even change platforms without additional work. Volante typically reduces project development time by half or more, enabling business units to respond swiftly to emerging information and processing requirements.


Mardi 27 Mars 2012