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Virgin Megastore (Dubai) now streams its payments with C2Box the cloud based treasury system powered by B.A.S

Virgin Megastore is a global leader in retail entertainment with over 14 stores throughout the Middle East. Since its establishment in the UAE in 2001, Virgin Megastore set an unbounded target of expanding its Middle East Territories as well as its product selection lines to fulfil to growing trends that are eminent for the region.

B.A.S will provide a cloud version of their TMS – C2Box which will allow Virgin Megastore to centrally collate all standard bank statements to increase control and visibility into their cash in the region. B.A.S group growing reputation as the premier payment and TMS provider in the MENA region will help Virgin Megastore centralise their payment process to reduce costs and automation will increase productivity.

About B.A.S
B.A.S is a leading provider of SaaS based treasury Solutions. With offices in New York, Paris and Dubai, B.A.S is trusted by International and Domestic Corporations, Governments and Financial Institutions from around the globe for cash visibility, cash management, In House Banking, payment factories and cash forecasting. Serving the needs of Treasurers in more than 50 countries, B.A.S employees a collaborative and agile approach to implementing Treasury Technology, and strengthen treasury teams. You can learn more and visit B.A.S at

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Mercredi 11 Mai 2016