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Cabot Credit Management partners with Equifax

Cabot Credit Management (CCM), a leading acquirer and manager of consumer debt, has signed a two year multi-million pound deal with leading credit information and analytics expert, Equifax. This means that Equifax will be the primary provider of external data to support CCM’s risk, tracing and analytical requirements.

Building on a relationship that has seen the use of Equifax services grow 4-fold over the last three years, the new contract gives CCM a totally integrated solution across its tracing, collections and debt purchase activities. In particular it supports CCM’s development of a proprietary collections platform underpinned by SAS Analytics and capitalises on Equifax’s market leading trace segmentation that has seen Apex Discovery solutions, part of CCM, lead the way in compliant and effective trace offerings in the UK.

As Steve Mound, Chief Operating Officer, CCM, explained, it’s a ground-breaking contract for the debt industry because it enables our company to apply a fully integrated approach to the use of data and analytics throughout our operations.

“With this partnership, we think we are breaking the mould in the use of credit data and analytics tools in debt purchase collections and trace. The flexibility and imagination of the Equifax team has given us the insight to use the company’s services across all aspects of our business, for vital increased performance and reduced cost.

“The depth and accuracy of the Equifax consumer credit data is, of course, the foundation of the relationship for high performance collections and tracing. And we are particularly excited about the introduction of new data sets being developed by Equifax that will drive increased predictability across our portfolios.

The new contract encompasses an integrated suite of Equifax debtor management services. These include full data analytics and characteristics, monthly data updates, scorecard building, tracing and monitoring and consultancy.

As Laurence Hamilton, Marketing and Performance Director at Equifax confirms, the company’s close working relationship with CCM has been key to giving the group the confidence to put all its debtor management requirements into one contract. “We are very excited to have been selected by CCM to support the company’s expansion plans. We have created a dedicated team to develop and define the parameters of this new contract, supporting every aspect of its operations.

“In particular, I believe our flexibility in creating a suite of solutions proven to perform at the highest level, both in terms of return on investment and compliance, has been key. The economic climate has put greater pressure on the debt market with overall levels of consumer indebtedness leading to greater numbers dropping into collections overall. The need for efficient and robust collections and tracing processes has, therefore, become paramount to achieve operational and financial success for any business in this industry.”

Cabot Credit Management (CCM)

Vendredi 16 Novembre 2012