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2011 Q2 Global CFO Signals (Deloitte)

Uncertainty mounts. Optimism wanes

Economic uncertainty. Debt-ceiling crisis. Sovereign-debt crisis. Fleeting consumer confidence. All these factors took their toll on the world’s top finance executives’ optimism in the second quarter. In fact, according to the latest Deloitte CFO Global Signals, which provides highlights of recent CFO survey results from Deloitte member firms, CFO optimism in some countries was at its lowest levels in several survey cycles thanks to both internal and external uncertainty. Still, CFOs in some countries are fairly optimistic about their own company prospects and cite both organic growth and overseas expansion as some of their top priorities.

To find out what how these CFOs are readjusting their growth agendas amid all the uncertainty, read the CFO Global Signals 2Q11 survey results.

This edition highlights second quarter 2011 results from 10 participating surveys:
Austria : Declining sentiments on economy, job growth (in German)
Australia : Short-term caution, long-term optimism
Belgium : At a turning point
Central Europe : A focus on growth
Denmark : Springtime for Danish businesses (in Danish)
Ireland : Reality bites
Netherlands : The specter of a prolonged setback
North America : Trepidation and a preference for cash
Switzerland : Risk up, optimism down
United Kingdom : Optimism falls, but risk appetite remains

Download Q2 2011 Global CFO Signals :

Vendredi 23 Septembre 2011

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