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Vendredi 27 Juillet 2018 to Launch First-of-its-Kind Recruitment Platform on GoChain

Recruitment Industry Disruptors Announce Collaboration with Fast-Growing Blockchain Network. has announced that it will be launching its blockchain powered recruitment service and ICO on the GoChain network, and welcome GoChain Chief Technical Officer Travis Reeder as an ICO Advisor., a recruitment platform with twenty years of experience in the industry and a user base of over 60 million, is primed to disrupt and decentralize the recruitment industry by utilizing blockchain technology to remove the need for recruiters during the hiring process.

Brought on by’s crypto market advisory firm, Strategic Coin, and multi-disciplinary blockchain consultancy ChainVisory, the collaboration between and the fast-growing GoChain will help implement the company’s ambitious recruitment vision.

“GoChain – with its 100 percent Ethereum compatible platform that boasts 100 times faster transaction speeds and 10 times greater decentralization than the Ethereum network, all while using a fraction of the power that both Bitcoin and Ethereum use – is the perfect platform to help achieve its vision of a decentralized hiring ecosystem,” said Becker Goldstein of Strategic Coin.

GoChain uses PoR (proof of reputation) as a consensus model that takes the reputation of participants into account in order to further enhance network security. This will enable to optimize security and privacy for resumes, references, and all other sensitive personal data.

“Blockchain platforms and smart contracts are continuously evolving, so we wanted to make sure that partnered with a network pushing the latest advancements in blockchain technology. To that end, GoChain was the obvious choice,” said ChainVisory founder and CEO Dr. Majid Almansouri.

Discussing the budding partnership, Co-Founder Paul Sloyan said, “Collaborating with GoChain allows to fulfill its vision of globally scaling a community-led recruitment solution.” Co-Founder Arran Stewart added, “With its ability to process transactions at high speed, 1000 times greener operations, and expertise with smart contracts which facilitate our reward program for job seekers, it was an easy decision to make.”

Members of the GoChain team are excited to bring about’s recruitment revolution. “ is a real business with a rockstar executive and advisory team bringing decades of experience and an impressive existing user base,” said GoChain CEO Jason Dekker, “They’re revolutionizing the recruitment space by leveraging blockchain to provide attractive incentives to both candidates and employers. We couldn’t be happier to introduce another promising project onto our enterprise-grade network, and we look forward to working closely with Paul and Arran to provide as much insight as we can to help propel the project to mass adoption.” will be carrying out its ICO on the GoChain network beginning in August, with the public launch of the platform anticipated for September. The ICO is currently in its private round of funding, with a public round anticipated to launch later this year. will use its coin offering, Job Tokens, to encourage users to handle their own recruitment by rewarding users for each step of the job seeking journey.
Performing tasks – such as scheduling interviews, and in the future, recommending friends to the platform– will reward users Job Tokens. Users will also receive 5% of their agreed upon salary in Job Tokens upon landing a new job through the platform. The first-of-its-kind platform will also offer the ability to grow a community of experts and expand service offerings to companies based on the scalability of GoChain, ensuring hirers low-cost and efficient transactions.

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About is a first of its kind blockchain-based recruitment platform that’s goal is to revolutionize and streamline the recruiting and hiring processes by putting the power back in the hands of hiring companies and job seekers. Users can easily and instantaneously share information securely, eliminating the need for recruitment agencies and other middlemen and saving both hirers and candidates money. By combining a refined applicant search program that finds the best candidates for positions with secure, transparent, and efficient blockchain technology, wants to change the way people think about hiring. Using, companies can save on the fees they would have paid recruitment agencies, and new employees receive 83% of’s fee as a signing bonus, equal to 5% of the agreed-upon annual salary. has been an established force in the recruitment industry for over twenty years and currently has over 60 million users worldwide.

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