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AFP Guide to Strategic Global Cash Position Forecasting

Forecasting has always been a responsibility of corporate treasury, in one form or another. However, in today's volatile and risk-infested environment, cash forecasting has never been more critical.

Supported by case studies, the AFP Guide to Strategic Global Cash Position Forecasting, underwritten by Reval, provides insights into common objectives on forecasting cash positions, and also into the factors that are leading so many organizations to examine how they manage these risks, and the transformational changes they need to undertake.

There are many organizations which need to develop a global cash position. These include multinational organizations with operations in many countries around the world, as well as domestically focused businesses with sales or production units outside their home markets. All these organizations need to know their cash positions to support their decision-making. This guide assesses the techniques required to develop a series of global cash position forecasts. It focuses on forecasting operating cash positions for short-term liquidity management purposes."

Download the AFP Guide to Strategic Global Cash Position Forecasting to learn key stages in the creation of a forecast, including assessment of the various obstacles to overcome:

Vendredi 12 Octobre 2012

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