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Buildium Expands ePay Online Payments Service in Canada

Additional Capability Will Allow Canadian Property Managers to Cut Payment Processing Time in Half

Buildium, the property management solution for real estate professionals, today announced that the company is expanding its ePay online payments service to serve customers based in Canada. With this new capability, Canadian property managers and landlords will now be able to seamlessly transact with both residents and vendors, cutting the current payment processing time in half.

Buildium’s ePay service automates the payment process for property management-related accounting. This enables residents to pay rent or fees via electronic funds transfer (eCheck/EFT), and property managers to pay vendors and collect application fees online. The service is available through Buildium’s longstanding partnership with Forte Payment Systems.

“Our expanded ePay service in Canada is helping to achieve a no-friction and time-reducing process for our customers,” said Allison Nolan, director of product marketing, Buildium. “This aligns with Buildium’s overall goal of delivering seamless property management solutions.”

The expanded payments capability reduces the transaction time for all parties involved, reducing the processing time up to 70 percent. Features of Buildium’s ePay service include:
- Collect rent and association fees: Residents can authorize their bank accounts via the resident portal, and set up recurring payments. The automated online system also helps tenants avoid late fees.
- Accept application fees: Prospective residents can securely provide bank information through the online portal and any related application fee will be charged to their account.
- Pay owner and vendors: Property managers and landlords can pay bills through Buildium’s ePay service, which are automatically recorded in the fully-integrated general ledger accounting platform.

Buildium’s ePay service is available immediately for U.S. and Canadian customers. For more information, visit

About Buildium
Buildium is the only property management solution that helps real estate professionals win new business from property owners and community associations seeking services. Backed by expert advice and relentless support, Buildium enables you to outperform across all facets of your business with intuitive software that balances power, simplicity and ease of use. Buildium services more than 12,500 customers in 46 countries, totaling over one million residential units under management. In 2015, Buildium acquired All Property Management, a leading online marketing service for property managers, making Buildium the only company to give property managers a way to acquire new customers and increase revenues.

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Mardi 31 Janvier 2017

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