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ePayments Group Becomes 100th Member of the Emerging Payments Association

Pioneering electronic payments service provider ePayments Group ( has joined the Emerging Payments Association (EPA), a leading representative trade body advancing payments innovation. ePayments Group is now the 100th member of a community focused on solving problems and issues related to the Emerging Market payments industry, and will join companies employing 303,000 people, which represent in excess of 3 billion transactions worth over £107bn each year.

As a member, ePayments Group will look to influence and communicate with government bodies, regulators, and other stakeholders supporting competition and innovation to ensure the UK retains one of the most advanced and innovative payment industries.

Mike Rymanov, Co-Founder and CEO of ePayments Group says: Joining the Emerging Payments Association will provide ePayments Group a platform to influence debate within the industry and ensure its voice is heard alongside leading industry intermediaries. We look forward to promoting ePayments' core values that have since its founding aimed to promote innovation and broaden participation within the online retail sector.

Tony Craddock, Director General of the EPA says: The EPA thrives on having progressive entrepreneurs like Mike involved with the community. I've watched him set up and grow his business from a back bedroom. It's great to have him use the EPA to give something back, as well as to benefit his business.

Since it was founded in 2011, ePayments Group has created channels for facilitating payments within the affiliate marketing industry throughout the world. With payment services recently expanding to other industries (including Forex, MLM, and digital currency) ePayments Group will look to share its experiences and perspectives within the EPA community.

About ePayments Group
ePayments Group ( was founded in 2011 to facilitate payments for the affiliate marketing industry. Since then it has grown into a multi-country operation with 300 corporate clients and 300,000 individual clients spanning 200 network affiliates from over 100 countries. ePayments Group has expanded its payment services to other industries including Forex, MLM, and digital currency, it is on target to reach US $0.5 billion in transaction volumes.
ePayments Group is an FCA regulated payments platform, its team consists of dedicated specialists with extensive background in developing and managing financial applications, information security, regulatory and financial compliance as well as customer support.

About the EPA
The Emerging Payments Association (EPA) is a thriving community of payments professionals whose goals are to strengthen and expand the payments industry to benefit all stakeholders. Since 2004 we have been instrumental in helping to connect the eco-system, encourage innovation and profitable business growth.
We achieve this by shaping a comprehensive programme of activities for over 100 member companies with help from our independent board, which addresses key issues impacting the industry.
These include targeted events, conferences, award ceremonies, critical industry projects and lobbying activities.

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Vendredi 18 Novembre 2016