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dfuse Open Sources Blockchain Development Stack to Provide Higher-Order Blockchain Data Services to begin close integration with EOSIO protocol and other products

dfuse, the blockchain API company, today announced the open sourcing of its blockchain data stack, with industry leader, the creators of the EOSIO protocol, embracing this solution. The core components of the dfuse stack for EOSIO networks will be the first to be open sourced under the Apache 2.0 license. Code for additional chains will be released in subsequent phases. To maximize convenience for developers, dfuse for EOSIO will also be available as a single binary executable, `dfusebox` (similar to `minikube` for Kubernetes).

By open sourcing its data stack, dfuse will contribute its real-time, historical and fork-aware search engine (dfuse Search), transaction push guarantees & lifecycle (dfuse Lifecycle), historical state services (dfuse State), and many more foundational building blocks to the blockchain ecosystem. Currently deployed on many EOSIO and Ethereum chains, with other protocols under active development, dfuse provides the massively scalable infrastructure for hundreds of public and private deployments, including exchanges, trading operations, interactive games, social media platforms, supply chain solutions, and high throughput regulated environments.

“We built the dfuse blockchain stack from first principles, asking ourselves how we would want to read blockchain data if we weren’t constrained by the standard JSON-RPC interfaces,” said Marc-Antoine Ross, co-founder and CEO at dfuse. “We have developed a solution that is aware of the subtleties of each supported blockchain protocol and provides a powerful platform for building higher-order blockchain data services.”

Open sourcing the dfuse data stack will empower developers to build better blockchain applications with free access to the most performant and scalable platform available. It will also help accelerate development efforts to integrate dfuse on additional blockchain platforms, as well as to develop extensions such as low-latency syncs, specialized indexers, big-data analytics, and block explorers, and help drive the discovery of new applications and use cases.

“Every part of dfuse has been designed for massively parallel operations, which enables unprecedented levels of performance, such as full history reprocessing in under an hour,” said Alexandre Bourget, co-founder and CTO at dfuse. “dfuse has been built and stress-tested on public chains processing 5,000 transactions per second sustained, including bursts up to 10,000, and is ready to support the next 10x in industry growth.”

“ welcomes the significant technical contribution from dfuse, and we plan to closely integrate it with EOSIO and other products,” said Dan Larimer, CTO at “We are also proud that dfuse emerged from the EOSIO ecosystem and that they share our vision to accelerate the global adoption of blockchain.”

dfuse Platform Inc. will continue to operate the premier platform running the dfuse open source code for a growing number of public blockchains and private deployments. The hosted dfuse platform offers SLA guarantees, 7x24 management and monitoring, priority support, specialized and custom enterprise functionality, and early access to new features and updates.

About dfuse
dfuse, the blockchain API company, helps developers build performant applications by organizing the world's decentralized data.
Powered by its low-latency, open source architecture, dfuse’s robust APIs make it possible to stream real-time state updates, conduct lightning-fast searches and provide irreversible transaction guarantees, all for the first time using a simple API call. The company's flagship products, dfuse Search, dfuse Lifecycle, dfuse State and dfuse On Demand Networks offer a suite of powerful features that make it easy for developers to customize and deliver first-rate user experiences.

About is a global software company specializing in high performance blockchain software. In 2018, it published EOSIO, a free, open-source protocol designed to bring speed, scalability, and ease of use to the secure and transparent fundamentals of distributed databases.’s venture capital arm, EOS VC, invests in companies, projects, and developers around the world leveraging EOSIO technology.

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Vendredi 20 Mars 2020

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