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Bitcoin’s prospects are cloudy, but its business model is here to stay - 24 Mars 2014

While Bitcoin has issues that need to be addressed, the platform addresses many of the fundamental inefficiencies in payments Bitcoin, often touted as a sophisticated, digital alternative to...

The Financial Year Links | PayPal boss backs bitcoin, but not as a currency - 19 Décembre 2013

Finextra. PayPal boss backs bitcoin, but not as a currency PayPal president David Marcus has predicted that bitcoin could double its value over the next year as it continues to prosper as an...

The Financial Year Links | Revisiting Bitcoin - initial experience and questions - 21 Novembre 2013 I first read about Bitcoin a number of years ago, and was intrigued. I scanned Satoshi Nakamoto's initial whitepaper that kicked it all off, and looked into the burgeoning scene emerging...

Canadian accountancy firm Xen to accept bitcoins as payment - 20 Novembre 2013

Xen Accounting announced today that they will be accepting Bitcoins, a digital currency, as a form of payment for their accounting services. Having already set up an e-commerce website to accept...

The Financial Year Links | Mastering the building blocks of strategy - 6 Novembre 2013

McKinsey & Company. Increase your likelihood of developing effective strategies through an approach that’s thorough, action-oriented, and comfortable with debate and ambiguity. Read more:...

Financial Year Links | Will Bitcoin be your next currency? - 9 Octobre 2013

Business Finance Magazine. Bitcoin may be the currency you will need as the global digital economy ramps up big. The benefits of bitcoins or something like it may be tremendous. For starters, Bitcoin... et Fidor Bank AG concluent un partenariat de grande ampleur - 27 Août 2013

Fidor Bank AG fournit une couverture de responsabilité pour la négociation de bitcoins sur Il s'agit de la première coopération bancaire dans le secteur européen des bitcoins. Des comptes...
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