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Mardi 28 Juin 2016

Will Blockhaus Technology Revolutionize Supply Chain Applications?

Ok so what is to prevent blockchain technology from revolutionizing the logistics around supply chain?

The author of the article seems to think that it may be a matter of time and proven security. There is a good discussion comparing hosted system versus cloud-based, with inherent security advantages belonging to cloud applications, due to the tech provider necessary diligence in monitoring their possible breaches. This of course does not mean that cloud-based systems are hack-free.

Building unbreachable systems is virtually impossible. It is true that software that resides on site at a company is far more vulnerable than “platform” software (public or private clouds). That is because Cloud software providers do security patching on an ongoing basis.In contrast, for applications that reside at a corporate site, over 80 percent of breaches involved systems where security patches had been available for at least one year; 75 percent of breaches went undiscovered for weeks or months...


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