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Mercredi 20 Octobre 2021

Why is the Price of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Rising

Despite the worldwide epidemic, cryptocurrency has continued to flourish in all of the world's major economies, for example. In this epidemic, several start-ups developed to meet the growing demand for Bitcoins and similar cryptocurrencies.

For example, CoinSwitch Kuber recently revealed that top global fintech capitalists such as Multiplexed Capital, Axiom, Sequoia Capital India, and famous CRED-investor Kunal Shah had raised the $15 million (Rs119 Crore), Series A.

The $1 trillion thresholds were just reached by crypto-month capitalization, driven by the development of Bitcoin. Bitcoin has long had to go on a bull and accounts for around 69 percent of the entire market value. Just six years ago, one Bitcoin's price was ~6,00,000, and today's Bitcoin traded for ~25,00,000, an upturn of almost 400%. Ether, the market capitalization's 2nd most prominent cryptocurrency, reached a new high of over 1.00.000 dollars and increased by more than 1000 percent in one year's worth. For more accurate information, visit

Adoption institutional

Cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin, are increasingly seen as a haven from market instability and inflation. The present economic and social atmosphere also leads to people holding less money, and it is going away from market fluctuations. There has recently been a trend in which public enterprises turn their cash stocks into cryptocurrencies.
The US payment company Square purchased Bitcoins worth $50 million. After the conversion of $425 million in cash reserves in Bitcoin by Microstrategy, a US publicly-listed firm, considered it a superior valuation store. This approach has been followed since by many firms. As a currency and store of money, Corporate Giant's faith in cryptocurrency has brought more outstanding value.

Cryptocurrencies and Paypal

In October 2020, Paypal stated that it would start purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies on its site. There were four mainly traded currencies, including Bitcoin, Digital Currencies, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Paypal has revealed intentions to allow cryptocurrencies to carry out transactions. Paypal is to have 250 million subscribers who can now employ cryptography as a form of payment. In addition, its 30 million traders will be able to get crypto payments. Now it's one of the greatest names that hop on the car. The support for others and PayPal, demand for the asset class, has increased and thus contributed to their price increases. Besides Paypal, the business also controls a popular Venmo payment network, which will expose 40 million other customers to encryption payment. Although these sites are new to the crypt, crypt payments have already been on several platforms.

Driven scarcity of Bitcoin

One of them is Bitcoin, too. The third Bitcoins Halving was this year. Halving Bitcoin is a significant event that takes place every four years on a Bitcoin network. The Bitcoin network operates because the Bitcoin mining process introduces fresh bitcoins in the market. Bitcoin miners achieve this by checking Bitcoin blocks that are essentially Bitcoin transactions groups. Every 10 minutes, miners who can check and contribute one ledger of data to the Bitcoin network earn some bitcoins as a reward. This reward is now at 6.25 BTC for every valid mined block.

However, this prize is reduced by half every four years or every 210 000 blocks. This Bitcoin block reward phenomenon is Bitcoin halving every four years by 50 percent. The flow rate (total accessible currency: circulating money) is also doubling by the stock to flow ratio. Halving has become one of the key variables contributing to Bitcoin prices. Since the total number of Bitcoins is just 21 million, the market currency circulates less as the reward falls. But as more and more people were aware of the scarcity of the asset, there was greater demand, which led to higher prices.

Easy Public Accessibility

Cryptocurrencies money may be used both as a storage and exchange mechanism. Although it has only begun to be a simple payment mechanism, it has become a new asset group in the past decade. Even if the public does not want to use it for interactions, people want to turn their cash into cryptography.

Especially in India, its investors had to increase after the RBI prohibition on cryptocurrencies had been removed. Many platforms in this area have been established and financed for accessible crypto investment. CoinSwitch Kuber acquires two million customers within six months after launching such a platform. More money managers want a part of the asset class and are ready to pay more as bitcoin becomes more available to the public.


If you had thought of growing cryptocurrency prices that investing in cryptocurrencies is too late, remember that this is only the start. Cryptocurrencies will have become mainstream, with more nations attempting to regulate the sector.

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