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Why are Treasury Departments so Understaffed?

I have yet to meet a treasury practitioner who hasn’t at some point reflected that they are over-worked and that the department is understaffed.

Having observed Analysts, Treasury Managers, Assistant Treasurers and Treasurers traverse the abundance of duties, deadlines and management queries they must respond to, I can confirm their lament. But why are they reduced to late nights at the office and plummeting job satisfaction?

Contrary to most of their analyses, it’s not because the organization doesn’t care or doesn’t understand their plight. Organizations don’t have emotions, and unless it is dysfunctional, they operate based on facts and reason. The root cause of the problem is that key members of treasury departments are not effectively communicating the value of treasury. Resources generally flow towards activities that will generate value and Treasury is no exception.

So, here are some tips on communicating Treasury’s value:
1. Focus on Risk Management - Risk is an important and permanent topic on the agenda for Senior Management and the Board. Treasury plays an invaluable role in identifying, managing and mitigating risk.
2. Demonstrate intimate knowledge of corporate objectives - Communicate clearly and specifically how Treasury is supportive and instrumental to the company’s ability to meet its annual objectives.
3. Act as a strategic advisor to the company - Treasury has access to information about cash flow patterns in all parts of the organization. That data coupled with their nuanced knowledge gained from experience provides a powerful foundation upon which to base advice to the organization as a whole

Ari Morris
Founding Partner
Global Treasury Partners

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Mardi 30 Septembre 2014

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