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Whiteblock Debuts with World’s First Scalable Testing Service for Blockchain at EDCON Toronto

Whiteblock Inc. debuted today by announcing its blockchain testing-as-a-service (BTaaS), the world’s first scalable test system for blockchain and enterprise DLT developers. Whiteblock’s BTaaS measures and validates key performance benchmarks, such as transactions per second and consensus over a variety of networks. Developers can automate transactions, test fault tolerance, dynamically add or remove nodes, and quickly provision a private testnet that simulates a live and dynamic global blockchain network.

Whiteblock Inc. enters the blockchain market with solid management experience in building reliable products for the enterprise. Whiteblock BTaaS is based on the Apposite Technologies’ platform, with thousands of users and over 12 years of proven performance in network testing and evaluation. Whiteblock’s CEO has nearly two decades of experience in network testing and management roles with Ixia, Spirent, and Apposite.

“Testing at scale is a bottleneck for many blockchain development teams who depend on test nets run by a small number of volunteers or a homogenous network,” said Neal Roche, CEO of Whiteblock. “Having a partner who can leverage and provide large scale test networks allows development teams at companies of all sizes to quickly emulate real world conditions and run deterministic repeatable tests prior to going live.”

Whiteblock‘s BTaaS is an immediate and easy-to-implement service that validates the performance of a blockchain system through testing multiple systems and conditions, including bandwidth up to 100 Gbps and up to 1000 nodes. Whiteblock’s BTaaS delivers an accurate and detailed independent report for all testing results.

“As a premier provider of continuous testing for cloud, IoT, and blockchain, TransactIQ has understood the challenge that exists for blockchain developers to validate the scalability of applications in the enterprise,” said Phillip Odom, CEO of TransactIQ. “We consider it an honor to work with Whiteblock to deliver this innovative solution to market.”

The Whiteblock testing platform is blockchain agnostic. Users can provision nodes with their own proprietary clients or deploy pre-configured profiles for existing systems, such as Ethereum or Hyperledger, to quickly deploy a scalable test net. Network conditions, such as latency, packet loss, and bandwidth, can also be configured between these nodes to behave in the same way one can expect in the real world.

“Whiteblock provides real-world network conditions, test cases, analysis and test reports for enterprises and investors running proof of concept to validate performance claims of blockchain systems, and who require independent, third-party due diligence,” said Zak Cole, CTO of Whiteblock.

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