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WestLB and Equens cooperate in SEPA Payment processing

WestLB AG and Equens SE have entered into a bilateral agreement for the processing of incoming and outgoing SEPA Credit Transfers (SCT). As part of this agreement, WestLB will become a partner bank of Equens' CSM community, which consists of banks from many different European countries.

Banks outside the Equens community can be reached via Equens' bilateral inter-CSM agreements with DIAS (Greece), Iberpay (Spain), ICBPI/Banca d'Italia (Italy), OeNB (Austria), VocaLink (UK) and SECB (Switzerland). With this partnership, WestLB will further increase its connectivity to the main clearing channels in the SEPA environment and strengthen its position as a leading clearing institution within the German Savings Bank Financial Group.

WestLB and Equens already started processing CSM transactions based on this bilateral agreement as of Monday 12 April 2010. This new bank connection to the Equens CSM is another step in establishing Equens as one of the main SEPA processors in Europe.

The companies will soon start exchanging information on Equens' SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) solution.


Mercredi 26 Mai 2010

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