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Welcome to ProTennisFam - A Web3 Community By Borna Coric And Friends For The Future Of Pro Tennis

Borna Coric and his team are serving up justice for the future of tennis with their ProTennisFam project set to revolutionize the development of young tennis talent while creating a dynamic ecosystem for a tennis-driven community.

The ProTennisFam project (PTF) is a patronage-oriented Web3 tennis community, collection, and DeFi platform (dApp) built on Ethereum to help discover, support, and develop emerging tennis talent on-chain thanks to the PTF recruitment protocol.

The protocol aims to decentralize the development of young tennis recruits by providing fairer sponsorship opportunities and access to a network of fans and professionals who have vetted interest in seeing them succeed.

Inspired by his own trials and tribulations, the Croatian Tennis Pro, Borna Coric, and his team of sports and business partners decided to reflect on the hurdles young tennis prospects face when climbing up the rankings in order to find a more efficient way of supporting them in the process.

As someone who started playing at a very young age and turned pro at only 17 years old, Borna is very well familiar with what goes into becoming a self-made member of the tennis elite and all of the problems that come along the way.

One of the biggest challenges he and many other young players face is the financial stress caused by the expensive nature of the sport for which annual pro-circuit expenses can even go north of 150,000 USD per season.

This is where the PTF recruitment protocol steps in to provide needed financial stability for future prospects by providing them the means needed to be great while rewarding loyal community members that are down for the cause. In addition, the slow digitalization of the tennis world is leaving many talented players undiscovered and many super fans under-appreciated, as, despite the sports’ global
popularity, some underrepresented fanbases still feel excluded.

The PTF Utility dApp which can be accessed via PTF NFTs wants to fix this by providing tennis fans access to the ultimate web3 tennis community along with other exclusive perks like token-gated media content, match ticket raffles, IRL events, merchandising, that will merge the web3 and tennis cultures.

To conclude, the awareness of all these issues paired with Borna’s personal experiences and genuine interest in blockchain led him to launch the PTF project to not only help develop underprivileged young tennis talent globally but to include the fans in the development process as well to spark the flames of this new web3 tennis revolution.

About ProTennisFam
The ProTennisFam project (PTF) utilizes NFT & blockchain technology to create a tokenized community of like-minded tennis fans, tennis professionals, and industry experts whose collaborative efforts will bring forth and empower the next generation of tennis. We utilize a never-before-seen web3 recruiting framework for empowering emerging (and underfunded) tennis talent while creating a dynamic ecosystem for a tennis-driven community .

A community by tennis fam for tennis fam.



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Mardi 4 Octobre 2022