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Lundi 14 Décembre 2015

We’re building the Ethereum Computer

By Stephan Tual -

... and it’s going to be awesome: A tiny, preinstalled, preconfigured home server running both an optimized Ethereum node and exciting new decentralised applications, including Mist.

The Ethereum Computer is putting identity, funds and personal information back under the users’ control, and we think it’s going to change everything.

What’s the Ethereum Computer?

It’s the easiest entry point to the world of Ethereum, without having to struggle setting up a client, buying ether from an exchange (it will come preloaded with enough to get started) or worrying about security updates.

Think of a little box that manages your permissions and identity, with strong encryption and permission control. Inside you’ll find a web3 identity vault, a Slock gateway to your IoT, and even experimental software like an IPFS server to rent your unused hard drive space — automatically.

- It’s the easier way to browse Dapps.
- It’s a secure gatekeeper between the web & web3 to your home or small office IoT, communicating wirelessly with your smart objects.
- And it’s also a brilliant development platform, packaging all the software needed to build Ethereum Dapps as part of a straightforward, optimized image.

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