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Volante is First to Earn New SWIFT Label for SWIFTReady Messaging Data Services

Powering finance with data management innovations, Volante announced today that its SWIFT solution has received the first gold label in the new category of SWIFTReady Messaging Data Services (MDS).

"Volante successfully passed the tests for the MDS certification, which requires extensive and modular messaging support. We were impressed by the quality and completeness of the Volante product," said Eric Meirlaen, Business Analyst at SWIFT.

SWIFT criteria for the SWIFTReady Messaging Data Services (MDS) Label include supporting SWIFTStandards, in terms of mapping different data source into SWIFTStandards format, validation against syntactical and semantic rules, transformation of the messages between different formats
(MX, MT), and deployment of run-time SOA messaging component that can be used by interfaces, middleware and financial applications.

The Messaging Data Service maps data coming from business applications into messages and files that are ready to be supplied to any financial counterparty through SWIFT interfaces. Reversely, it parses message payloads transferred from SWIFT, and transform them into formats supported by back-office applications.

"The MDS label is one of the most technologically advanced solution categories ever defined by SWIFT, and we are proud to be the first vendor to earn the label," said Vijay Oddiraju, CEO of Volante. "We have fully developed and tested all SWIFT functions in this solution so that our customers don't have to. Our goal is to offer maximum ease and simplicity in implementing SWIFT messaging in any business framework and any IT environment."

Volante's SWIFT solution has been proven in service-oriented architectures and other data-centric initiatives by large financial institutions and industry utilities, and is incorporated into the SOA offerings of major technology vendors.

About Volante
Since 2001, Volante Technologies has been accelerating data management for the financial services industry, while slashing development time and cost of ownership. Volante provides integration solutions for low-latency environments, service oriented architectures, vendor data consolidation,
complex event processing, SWIFT message integration and other complex data challenges. Its metadata-based technology also enables enterprise data governance and model-driven data initiatives.

Volante solutions are employed by buy-side and sell-side institutions around the globe, as well as industry utilities, including Brown Brothers Harriman, The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, and Broadridge.

Lundi 28 Juillet 2008

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