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Mardi 23 Novembre 2021

VALK to launch new DeFi platform as analysis reveals growth of over $246 billion in value of assets deposited in decentralised finance market

Market-leading tokenisation platform VALK is expanding into the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) market with the launch of its unique Aggregator platform connecting traditional finance with the vast liquidity locked up in DeFi and offering the chance to achieve higher yield.

• New Aggregator platform delivers an institutional DeFi platform on one interface
• Total Value Locked (value of assets held on DeFi) has increased on average by $337.5 million a day over the past two years
• Institutional investors increasingly dominate DeFi transactions with around 60% of transactions

Analysis* of industry data reveals that over the past two years or so, the value of assets held in decentralised finance (total valued locked – TVL) has been increasing on average by around $10.27 billion a month, $337.5 million a day, or $14 million an hour. The TVL is now around $247 billion, a rise of around 49,300% since November 2019.

VALK has developed the portfolio management system which enables institutions to manage their DeFi positions on one interface on a smart account aggregating deposits from liquidity providers and connecting with other DeFi protocols including Compound, Aave and Maker. The platform is being launched as institutional investors increasingly dominate DeFi transactions accounting for 60% of all transactions in Q2 2021. **

The Aggregator platform is a non-custodial portfolio management system for digital asset managers and funds and is an API for lending and borrowing defi protocols, connecting financial institutions to all crypto markets and enabling a variety of yield-generating strategies to be deployed.

VALK, which has already supported in excess of $4bn USD worth of deals in a year on its private markets digital transaction and tokenisation platform used by more than 70 financial institutions across Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Africa, plans to launch Aggregator in November 2021 in beta testing and launch in January 2022.

Institutional investors benefit from having all the functionality related to different protocols in one App removing the need to jump across different defi interfaces. The platform will be able to retrieve the position of each crypto on the Defi protocols and calculate the position and profits made (vs USD or other currency) + yield generated. Other information from DeFi protocols, assets held, yield earned (daily), portfolio value will also be provided.

Advanced features include a leverage increase option which increases investors’ exposure to selected assets by taking on more debt; a repay feature to decrease debt and unwind positions; an automation feature which is a trustless non-custodial service for automated management of collateralised debt positions and an arbitrage feature supporting multiple protocols and enabling one transaction moving of funds.

Antoine Loth of VALK said: “DeFi is the one of the most exciting investment markets currently and institutional investors and other financial institutions are increasingly taking a bigger share of transactions with recent data** showing they accounted for 60% of all transactions in the sector in the second quarter of 2021.

“Our new aggregator platform is ideally suited to growing interest in this market from professional investors who are looking to find the same experience and features of a trading platform,” commented Elie Azzi.

The fast growth and success at VALK, which is backed by leading venture capital funds and strategic financial investors R3, SIX Group, Ascension Ventures and Metavallon, has been recognised by inclusion in the Financial Conduct Authority regulatory sandbox and Tech Nation’s Fintech 4.0,

VALK has won awards for its first technology solution which enables clients including investment banks, hedge funds, family offices, fund managers and asset managers to digitise processes and assets to become more profitable and target new opportunities through secondary trading and access to exchanges

The current tokenisation platform, which is built on the Corda banking blockchain standard, boosts liquidity as it enables an easily implemented secondary market while supporting users to share deals and assets with other members of the VALK network. Clients can share opportunities or investor pools and also connect to any digital exchanges.

The brainchild of founders Antoine Loth and Elie Azzi, VALK, which launched in 2019, aims to make global private markets digital and connected by offering a seamless end-to-end solution which improves processes and transforms how private transactions are conducted.

VALK has won Best Distributed Ledger Technology Project at the 2021 Sell-Side Technology Awards 2021 and was highly commended as Technology Provider of the Year at the 2021 Asset Management Awards. It has also been nominated for the FStech Awards.

Notes to Editors
• *According to Elliptic, the global leader in cryptoassets risk management for crypto businesses and financial institutions worldwide, the total value locked (TVL) on DeFi platforms was over $247 billion on 18th November, compared to $500 million in November 2019.
• **

About VALK
VALK is building decentralized infrastructure for capital markets. Our solution allows financial institutions to transform their business by making their transaction processes and workflows 100% digital, tokenize their assets and access a wider ecosystem of financial institutions and innovative DeFi products and liquidity.
Today VALK is used by more than 70 investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, family offices, fund managers and individual private companies (large, SME, start-ups) in more than 15 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America, and South America. VALK has supported more than 4bn USD worth of deals in the last year.
In 2021, VALK won the Sell-Side technology and Asset Management Awards and is part of the FCA Sandbox as well as Tech Nation’s fintech cohort. at


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