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TreasuryXpress Sees Record Growth for C2Treasury™ Product Line

TreasuryXpress, the global leader in frictionless and on-demand treasury management solutions today announced record Q3 sales growth across the Americas and EMEA regions for their enterprise on-demand treasury management solution, C2Treasury. The firm shared that in Q3 alone, they brought on 24 new clients globally. Entering into Q4, TreasuryXpress sees that trend continuing with a signing average of two new clients per week.

C2Treasury provides companies of any size access to enterprise-level cash visibility, liquidity management, bank connectivity, payments workflow, and self-service custom reporting capabilities. Characterized by immediate login access and short implementation times of less than eight weeks, C2Treasury is the firm’s flagship on-demand treasury product. The solution is delivered by client’s choice of deployment – single-tenant SaaS (ASP), direct-to-private cloud, multi-tenant SaaS, or on-premise.

New clients include TCS Education Systems, Vectra, Tecom, GFI, ISS, Pasquier, Holdal, and Omnipharma to name just a few.

“Treasurers need technology that makes their jobs easier. They need tools that don’t consume enormous budgetary and human resources,” says Anis Rahal, CEO and founder of TreasuryXpress. “My vision for TreasuryXpress started when I was a treasurer myself. I wanted to build solutions that work really well while helping to economize resources for treasurers. Today our entire solution portfolio, starting with our enterprise TMS, C2Treasury, deliver on those core needs and our numbers support that.”

TreasuryXpress has experienced triple-growth in 2016 supporting the overall FinTech evolution towards frictionless user experiences and the treasury industry’s adoption of that trend. Frictionless technology experiences are represented by prompt or on-demand solution access, rapid implementation periods and cost-effective buying options.

Amidst this growth, TreasuryXpress maintains 100% client satisfaction which is reflective of the firm’s client-first commitment.

TreasuryXpress, a global FinTech provider, was created with one simple aim – to give all companies powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement Treasury Management capabilities that empower them to be able to work smarter!
At TreasuryXpress, we specialize in delivering innovative solutions that work for treasury – making it easy to achieve 100% bank visibility, consolidate cash information, manage end-to-end payment processing, and distribute useful and critical reports to all internal stakeholders automatically and efficiently.
Our solutions centralize more than 10,000 bank accounts daily and process electronic payments for over 7 billion USD each year. Our rapid time-to-market and diverse hosting options make it easy for treasuries to do business with us. From solution development to delivery and service, our teams actively engage with customers regularly and proactively. The result? TreasuryXpress is able provide simply better, more innovative solutions that solve business problems.

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Mardi 25 Octobre 2016