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Trade Line by Coface : how and why

Coface has been supporting the development of international trade for 60 years. Should you be involved with or interested in foreign trade, international investment, or credit matters and insurance, Coface supports and informs you with up-to-date analysis.

Trade Line by Coface : how and why

Every quarter in France, Coface distributes a magazine to its clients and all French economic players, to inform them of developments in international trade techniques and assess the upgrading and downgrading of country and sector risks worldwide. This magazine also enables Coface to present the tools it offers companies so that they can develop their trade receivables in a secure framework.

As we are sure that some of the articles published in the magazine will be of interest to you and your own existing or prospective clients, partners, corporate institutions and press contacts, each quarter we will be pleased to provide you with a selection in English of key articles from the latest French Assexport that is likely to make worthwhile reading for you. Here, in this Coface's first English language issue of the magazine - named Trade Line - you will find a focus report on Germany, an article on changes in the bad debt situation in China, a description of the Coface @rating service and a worldwide overview of sector risks.

We trust that these regular dispatches will constitute a useful communication tool and help you in both strengthening awareness of international trade matters and building sales in your own market.

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Lundi 6 Novembre 2006

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