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The fidis factoring software can be implemented in only 10 days !

Many times we have been said that is a great advantage having developed factoring software based on the ERP-standard software SAP R/3. And that it is unfortunately also a disadvantage.

A fidis-SAP-software implementation is supposed to be cumbersome ?

The comprehensive advantages that result from SAP R/3 go without saying - we will give you further details in our next newsletter.
But - you might ask yourself - why shall the world-wide leading ERP-software (Enterprise Resource Planning) SAP R/3 be a disadvantage for fidis? The answer is: There are no disadvantages - except from the fact that the fidis factoring solution is from time to time wrongly compared with long-time SAP-implementation projects in global acting conglomerates.

Sure, each of us has already heard of nightmarish ERP-implementation projects in corporate groups! But why took some of those projects a longer implementation period than expected? The answer is simple: Legacy systems and individual applications are out of question for such dimensions! Insofar can only ERP-implementation projects be affected.

Furthermore, not only a few parts of the enterprise are migrated to one single IT-platform in such projects but the entire corporate group. You can probably imagine the consequences of such software migrations. But the main failure reasons lay in the unclear clutter of the many random legacy systems and individual applications as well as in the partly incomplete process descriptions of the enterprises. How could a software migration flow smoothly if no one really knows the coherences of the internal process ?

Don`t worry! A factoring company - no matter of size - cannot be compared with a producing and/or global acting group. Just because only the factoring division is concerned! This is the reason why a fidis-SAP-implementation is so unproblematic !

Effortless software implementation thanks to accurate project planning

Fidis mainly uses the finance module of SAP R/3 for its factoring administration. And within the finance module principally the accounts receivable and the impersonal accounts. Nothing more! This makes a fidis-implementation project so "lean".

The fidis factoring software is a ready-to-work-solution, i.e. in the ideal case our application can be implemented at your company in only 10 working days !
Our experienced implementation team analyses together with your company step by step the internal factoring processes with an elaborate check list and compiles afterwards a specific solution for your entity. Because the fidis application is a flexible factoring standard software and everything else than cumbersome regarding implementation !

The fidis factoring solution runs independent from your internal bookkeeping software, i.e. everything can remain as it is in your company - apart from the factoring division. You do not have to migrate the entire accounting to SAP R/3, but you can do this (now or later) if you would like to do.
Convince yourself about the fidis solution and contact us under +49.2131.298 58 50 in order to arrange a date for a software demonstration !

Source : www.fidis.com

Lundi 11 Septembre 2006

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