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Mardi 16 Février 2016

The Value of App Coins

An open source analysis of App Coins, as a technical and economic means of price discovery, forms of expression, community building, and a model for rewarding actors that perform quantifiable valued added behaviors. Pull requests to improve the content, references, and claims of this whitepaper are welcome.


This white paper seeks to put forth the economic and technical reasons that the digital tokens known as “App Coins” can develop a value in the market and maintain their value over the long term, should their associated application gain adoption by users. App Coins can be implemented for solid technical or economic reasons. However projects should think carefully about their particular application and evaluate if there are compelling technical or economic justifications for the creation of an App Coin or if a for-profit business model may be better suited than a crowdsale model involving a pre-sale of the tokens that gives access to the services.

Definition for App Coins: App Coins are defined here as tokens that are native to Decentralized applications that have a digital token associated with their use or monetization. For a more general description of what a Decentralized Application is (outside of the economic and technical discussions below about the value of their digital tokens) see this white paper ( and wiki entry.


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