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Vendredi 17 Janvier 2014

The Talan group acquires Newside

Talan's third takeover in as many years illustrates the external growth strategy it has deployed to complement its strong organic growth. The mergers initiated by the group, which specialises in Finance, Utilities, Telecoms, Transport and the Public Sector, are geared towards reinforcing its positioning from both a sectoral and geographical perspective.

The firm's 2011 merger with Asset Technology underlined its ambitions in the financial sector in France and abroad. Meanwhile, the partnership signed with Cereza in 2013 was intended to enhance its presence in the transport, logistics and supply chain market. Today, by taking over Newside, the group is once again focusing on the financial sector while ramping up its presence in France and the United Kingdom, so as to respond more effectively to the massification strategy implemented by its clients in the market over the last three years.

Talan now employs more than 800 people on four continents. The group aims to generate €114 million in turnover in 2014 through its range of consulting services and by providing support to project owners and project managers involved in the development of information systems.

A stronger presence in the "Financial Markets" sector

The acquisition of Newside means that the financial sector now accounts for 40 % of Talan's turnover (compared to 35 % previously). Because the merger between the two firms includes a share exchange, Newside's two associates, Christophe Castellani and Julie Louvrier, will become associates in the Talan group. They will be involved in the management of the group's Finance division, which now employs some 300 people.

"Bringing Newside on board will significantly enhance our Finance division's expertise, allowing us to better support the changes being made to the information systems of our client companies in the French and foreign financial sectors," declared Jean-Luc Biache, General Manager of Talan Consulting and head of Talan's Finance Business Unit.

This merger highlights the group's desire to boost its presence in the financial markets and to enhance the expertise it offers the sector. Talan already enjoys a strong reputation among market players in the corporate and investment banking (CIB), fund management and risk management sectors in France, North America and Asia. The group offers a wide variety of services ranging from the provision of technological expertise and support for project owners, to the rollout of large-scale projects under fixed-price or service centre contracts and the offshoring of certain software engineering services through its subsidiary in Tunis.

Thanks to Newside's ties with CIBs and Asset Managers on the Paris and London stock markets, where it serves clients such as BNP Paribas CIB, CACIB, Société Générale CIB and AXA IM, Talan will now have access to crucial expertise in the provision of specialist support to the owners and managers of trading room IT projects. The group will also be able to take advantage of the partnerships Newside has forged with publishers of specialist software packages for the financial world.

Unique multinational positioning in the major financial markets

The merger between Talan and Newside will enable the group to offer global solutions to customers operating in the major financial markets. Thus, the staff of Talan Americas in New York, Talan Conseils Canada in Montreal and Talan Asia in Hong Kong will be joined by Newside UK's 30 London-based employees, to complete a multinational set-up that is unique for a consulting firm specialised in the financial markets.

"Ever since it was founded, Newside has offered services and consulting solutions both in Paris and London. The merger with Talan will allow us to expand this international coverage. We expect our international growth to be extremely rapid over the coming years," remarked Christophe Castellani, CEO of Newside.

A merger that will help cater for market requirements and which is in keeping with the group's strategy

"The leading banks are increasingly rationalising their information systems and optimising their supplier listing policy. When it comes to consulting and service provision, they tend to seek partners capable of offering service centre solutions and able to assist them at their various sites around the world. Newside's incorporation into the Talan group is a fitting response to this market shift," declared Mehdi Houas, CEO of the Talan group.

Thanks to two-figure profitability, Talan boasts great financial strength and the ability to commit considerable resources to projects. Its aim is for its thousand or so consultants to generate turnover of more than €100 million in 2014 (compared to €71 million in 2013) and over €200 million by 2016. "To meet the requirements of our customers and achieve our development targets, we are placing the emphasis on strong organic growth, while ramping up our external growth operations," continued Mehdi Houas.

About Talan - talan.fr
Talan offers an alternative to larger consulting and service companies. It specialises in overhauling business processes and enhancing them with new technologies, having chosen to focus its expertise on Major Service Organisations (Finance, Telecoms, Utilities, Transport and the Public Sector).
Talan offers a comprehensive range of services: consulting and support for project owners, overhauling and optimising business processes, support for major transformation projects, alignment of information systems with organisational changes, and change management.
Talan employs more than 800 people and aims to achieve turnover of €114 million in 2014. The group delivers its business, functional and technological know-how on an international scale, with offices in Paris, London, Luxembourg, Tunis, New York, Montreal and Hong Kong. In 2007, Talan set up its "nearshore" development centre in Tunisia, which is currently populated by more than 120 development engineers specialised in new technologies.

About Newside - newside.com
Newside is an Anglo-French consulting and service company specialised in the financial sector. It prides itself on its ability to support its clients, including some of Europe's major financial players, in both Paris and London.
The company was founded in 2007. It employs 60 people and generated turnover of €6.5m in 2013.
Newside is involved in international projects to improve and maintain the information systems of its customers. The company has forged partnerships with emerging software publishers specialised in the technologies and processes that are specific to investment banks. These publishers offer innovative products and Newside ensures their smooth integration.
In 2010, Newside opened a representative office in Hong Kong to cater for the expectations of its clients and employees.

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