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Jeudi 12 Décembre 2013

The Supply Chain Disconnect: 80% of Managers Don't See Supply Chain as Business Strategy Enabler

The Financial Year Journal -- Hitachi Consulting, the global management consulting and IT services business of Hitachi Ltd, has today released a new research analysing the current attitudes of supply chain executives and managers. The survey, which made some concerning discoveries, revealed that 80% of supply chain mangers do not see their supply chain as an enabler of business strategies within their organisation.

Spanning nine European countries, Hitachi Consulting's survey aimed to identify the extent to which supply chain management activities and priorities are aligned with a strategic transformation agenda. The survey found that a little over half of the respondents (55%) do not regard their business's supply chain as a fundamental source of business value and competitive advantage and almost a third (29%) see it as purely an operational function.

Cathy Johnson, vice president at Hitachi Consulting, comments on the findings:

"These figures are far from reassuring. For the most part, it seems that senior executives understand the strategic importance of the supply chain, yet the managers who deal with the supply chain on a day-to-day basis do not. A supply chain that doesn't support the overarching business strategy, and which doesn't deliver competitive edge - and which isn't going to deliver a material change in performance over the next five years - is clearly not a desirable asset."

Hitachi Consulting's survey also found that only a third of respondents (33%) believed that their organisation's supply chain would deliver an improved customer experience over the next five years. Almost half (45%) of respondents did not believe that their organisation's supply chain would deliver increased profitability and 46% did not believe that their organisation's supply chain would deliver a reduced working capital requirement. Only 43% believed that their organisation's supply chain would improve sales revenues over next five years.

Greg Kinsey, Vice President of Marketing for the EMEA region at Hitachi Consulting, comments:

"The results from our survey make one thing very clear: the disconnect between a company's business transformation strategy and the day-to-day management of the supply chain remains a serious, yet hidden, problem for many organisations. Our real concern is the lack of alignment, sense of urgency and change readiness within the operations. This should be a wake-up call for both senior executives and operational managers."

Hitachi Consulting's next release will look at the fact that there are too many changing priorities for supply chain executives and how a hierarchical transformation roadmap will better communication at all levels of an organisation.

About Hitachi Consulting
Hitachi Consulting is the global management consulting and IT services business of Hitachi Ltd., a global technology leader and a catalyst of sustainable societal change. In that same spirit - and building on its technology heritage - Hitachi Consulting is a catalyst of positive business change, propelling companies ahead by enabling superior operational performance. Working within their existing processes and focusing on targeted functional challenges, we help our clients respond to dynamic global change with insight and agility. Our unique approach delivers measurable, sustainable business results and a better consulting experience.

About the survey
100 supply chain managers and directors participated in the survey in September 2013 and took place across nine European countries. The telephone survey of companies with a turnover of €5million to €50million probed the extent to which organisations' supply chain strategies, processes, priorities and people complemented the overarching strategies, priorities and needs of the broader business. The research was commissioned by Celerant Consulting, a subsidiary of Hitachi Consulting.

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