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Jeudi 16 Février 2012

The High-Profit Supply Chain

Is your supply chain leaving money on the table?

While many organizations have long recognized they can realize cost benefits by asking suppliers to reduce the cost of their operations, some leading organizations are going even further to pursue untapped savings. They are re-looking at their supply chain to reduce the use and production of five metrics that are ubiquitous within it – energy, carbon, water, materials and waste. These organizations realize if their supply chain partners use too much energy, water or materials, or if they produce too much carbon or waste, then they are spending too much money. And that extra expense is being passed on to you.

Typical benefits of a resource-focused approach:
- Potential for significant savings
- Rapid payback period
- Low risk
- Insulate against commodity price shock
- Engender collaboration between suppliers, customers and your organization


Download the attached document to read the full article.
(PDF 11 pages)


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