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The C3 Crypto Conference will take place from March 27-28, 2019 at the Maritim Hotel Berlin.

The C3 Crypto Conference will take place from March 27-28, 2019 at the Maritim Hotel Berlin.
Finyear is a media partner of the C3 Crypto Conference.

The C3 Crypto Conference celebrated its debut in 2018, when it brought together a variety of innovative players from this burgeoning industry for the city’s very first large-scale crypto conference in STATION Berlin. This year will be just as special. C3 Crypto Conference moves away from ICOs and the buzzwords which dominated 2018, and will be organised into thematic segments covering politics, society and the economy. Also, it will be the highlight of the Berlin Blockchain Week 2019. Visitors can expect a mix of topic-specific keynote speeches, interactive panel discussions, in addition to a separate exhibition.

This year’s conference gathers and presents insights and learnings from a range of players in the crypto ecosystem. It will be a platform for networking, knowledge sharing and shedding light on the possible future– keeping in mind all points of view.

C3 Crypto Conference will facilitate open exchange and knowledge transfer in areas such as regulation, adoption of cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain technology behind it. Each participant will gain a deeper understanding of the technology, and its impact on society.

A look at the event schedule makes the conference’s variety of offerings abundantly clear.

Excerpts from it include:
- Crypto Trading & Taxing- More Questions than Answers?
- Potential of Digital Assets and the Future of Money
- Large Scale Adoption and Integration
- Will DAOs make a return in 2019?
- How to Launch a Startup with Crypto Financing?

Visitors can look forward to discussions on country-specific regulatory debates, exposure to various use cases for blockchain technology, and gain an outlook on what to expect in the crypto ecosystem of 2020. These include insights into the role played by AI or IoT in the future, and how these different technologies complement each other. Importantly, visitors will get a chance to meet representatives of pioneering German projects.

Dennis Weidner, founder of the C3 Crypto Conference, voiced his expectations and goals for the upcoming conference:
"I am very excited about the second edition of the C3 Crypto Conference. With this year's Blockchain and Crypto Conference it is our ambition to establish a platform where politicians, developers, visionaries within SMEs and corporates, as well as representatives of the traditional financial sector can actively strive for a fruitful exchange of knowledge in order to construct the society of tomorrow. I hope that after these 2 days, participants will have gained new insights that promote progress and entrepreneurship. This city has developed into one of the world's largest hubs for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This is precisely why we are taking up the challenge of inviting various players in the ecosystem to find a consensus between the entrepreneurial and the technically driven spheres within the blockchain ecosystem. Take the opportunity to make your contribution to the future and hear industry leaders speak about their goals and visions for the future of digital assets, and the business world of the future."

You can learn more about the C3 Crypto Conference on our website, along with the list of topics and event schedule. You can also participate on Twitter: @c3wide.

Finyear is a media partner of the C3 Crypto Conference.

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