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TORSKAL announces the launch of their e-commerce platform to sell their unique nanoparticles that are developed from green chemistry and combined with ethical gold

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TORSKAL today announced the launch of their e-commerce platform and propose to deliver their unique gold green nanoparticles across Europe and USA.

TORSKAL was founded nearly 6 years ago with the goal of developing green nanoscience from ethical and responsible gold and medicinal plants. The company is a pioneer in green nanotechnology, a precursor in the green chemistry design of new cancer treatments using gold nanoparticles that are produced from a patented method.

Thanks to their stability, optical and other unique properties, gold nanoparticles have a broad spectrum of applications. In fact, they are one of the most widely used nanomaterials for academic research, point-of-care medical devices, and industrial products.

TORSKAL’s gold nanoparticles are produced by green chemistry (by bio-reduction of metal salts HAuCl4), with crude and/or purified extracts from plants. These extracts have the double action of reducing the metal and stabilizing the nanoparticle formed. Due to this method, their gold nanoparticles have multiple advantages over the chemically produced gold nanoparticles.

For TORSKAL, it is not just a product, but a product with values embedded in it as they are produced using ethical gold sourced from Fairmined, an assurance label that certifies gold from empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations who meet world leading standards for responsible practices.

This makes TORSKAL’s gold nanoparticles a Fairmined certified product. TORSKAL is labelled as the Fairmined licensed brand, the only company in the world to design gold nanoparticles from ethical and responsible gold.

"Producing gold nanoparticles from bioresources while respecting the environment is a challenge that has now been met. Innovation is our DNA, and we are committed to finding new solutions to treat cancer, characterize biomolecules and synthesize nanoparticles while respecting our values” says Anne-Laure Morel, Founder and President of TORSKAL.

As of now, TORSKAL sell their gold nanoparticles in Europe and the USA and will enter the Asia Pacific market in the coming months. These gold nanoparticles are offered in various concentrations, volume and with sterilization option. Along with this, TORSKAL also offers to customize the nanoparticles as per the customer’s requirement to match the application they will be used for.

"TORSKAL is the pioneer in green nanotechnology, our nanoparticles are synthesized only with excellent products, and are eco-designed and environmentally friendly. We are proud to now offer a unique catalog of green chemistry nanoparticles to the entire research community with initial delivery available in Europe and the United States", says Virginie Simon, General Director of TORSKAL, in charge of the international development.

The French company was founded in 2015 by two scientists, Anne-Laure Morel, Scientific Director and President, the inventor of the technology, and Christophe Dugué, General Director and Head of Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property, who joined the company in 2016. Virginie Simon, General Director joined the executive team in 2020 to develop the company internationally. Their invention is protected by a patent registered in 40 countries covering the synthesis process, the product, and applications in oncology and dermocosmetics. TORSKAL promotes the use of green nanotechnology in therapy and diagnostics, and in industry in general. As a member of the French delegation of the G20YEA, the company is working to ensure that green nanoscience emerges in a sustainable way for tomorrow's reconstruction.
TORSKAL is currently based in the Réunion Island, France, and the United States.

With the launch of its products, TORSKAL marks a new beginning as a supplier and service provider along with being a biotech company whose main focus remains to revolutionize cancer therapy using a green chemistry approach. TORSKAL will compete in the gold nanoparticles industry with other established players and is confident of being a prominent player owing to their product’s unique selling proposition and their strategy to penetrate the market with all their promotional activities.

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Jeudi 24 Juin 2021