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TMT Blockchain Fund plans surge in start-up activity by partnering with the Waves Platform

The founders of TMT Blockchain Fund have announced an upcoming infrastructure project on the Waves Platform. The partnership between Waves and TMT Blockchain Fund will be concentrated mainly on blockchain and fintech, including large decentralised applications (dApps) and various private blockchain infrastructure opportunities. The Fund will also support ICOs and existing projects within the Waves ecosystem.

‘Our mission is to bring the most successful venture investment technologies to a new generation of projects. We are inspired by our partnership with Waves, and believe that the incubator is an excellent opportunity for start-up projects to gain competent advice and unique experience,’ explains Artyom Inyutin, the Founding Partner at TMT Blockchain Fund.

CEO of Waves Alexander Ivanov added: ‘There are many great advantages in Waves’ collaboration with TMT Blockchain Fund. We value their experience, deep analytical knowledge and transparency. TMT token will be a security, fully compliant with US and European laws and regulations. This is a significant milestone for the industry, which we truly support.’
TMT’s new $60 million blockchain fund will concentrate on investing in firms that focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, with a portion of the fund available to invest in crypto itself. $15m will be collected through a crowd sale, with the balance of $45 million collected from conventional investors in fiat and cryptocurrency. A total of 18.75 million tokens will be issued. Smaller individual investors and large traditional LPs will be given equal opportunity to participate.
TMT Blockchain Fund will be holding its ICO in autumn 2018.

TMT Blockchain Fund is a $60M investment fund focused on investments in early-stage blockchain driven start-ups. TMT Blockchain Fund is the second fund from the founders of TMT Investments PLC, a publicly-traded venture capital fund on the London Stock Exchange, performing in the top five per cent of global VC funds. Founding partners German Kaplun, Artyom Inyutin, Igor Shoifot and Julian Zegelman have successfully invested in numerous high-profile blockchain projects in the past three years, such as Taxify and Pipedrive built a $1B+ tech unicorn in Eastern Europe and launched a number of key blockchain ecosystem service providers. Investments include Protocol Labs (Filecoin), ShapeShift, Bitso, Cindicator and Telegram.

About Waves Platform
Waves is a decentralised platform with powerful real-world tools and functionality hosted on the blockchain. The multilevel ecosystem of the the Waves Platform lets anyone launch their own cryptographically-secured blockchain tokens, as well as private networks, quickly and easily. Using the Waves blockchain, businesses and individuals can build powerful, versatile applications with all the advantages of peer-to-peer technology.
In June 2016, Waves completed the ICO, raising over $16 million (30,000 bitcoins). The total market capitalization of Waves is about $600,000,000.

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Mardi 12 Juin 2018