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Supply Chain Finance Software Vendors (Part One) : A New Report from Aite Group

True SCF software vendors are those with application suites that apply to the entirety of SCF processes—not solely to the buyer/supplier portion.

A new report from Aite Group profiles nine software vendors that provide supply chain finance (SCF) applications. Based on a thorough analysis of the current, state-of-art components and players of the SCF software-applications market, the report discusses the target markets, software functionalities, delivery models, client segmentation, and partnership strategies of global SCF software vendors, and offers an assessment of the software applications and services vendors that operate in the developing SCF market.

Companies around the world are feeling pressure to revise their strategies for managing working capital. As companies increasingly operate their supply chains globally, many seek new ways to manage the flow of funds through the supply chain. As such, SCF should refer to the financial approaches and instruments that optimize the transactions, working capital, and costs of all supply chain processes, from product design to after-sales management and through procurement, manufacturing, warehouse management, and distribution. True SCF software vendors are those developing and commercializing application suites that apply to the entirety of these processes—not solely to the buyer/supplier portion.

“When a company’s chief financial officer and treasurer understand the financial dynamics of the supply chain, they can employ a vast array of financial instruments and practices (e.g., factoring, reverse factoring, forfaiting, inventory financing, and payables discounting) to help the company meet its working-capital objectives,” says Enrico Camerinelli, senior analyst with Aite Group and author of this report, “Post-financial-crisis, financial institutions need to use such instruments in a more organic way to impact all underlying financial elements concerned.”

This report profiles the following SCF software vendors: ACI, Asyx, aurionPRO, Corporate LinX, Demica, Fundtech, Misys, Polaris Software, and Taulia. An upcoming, companion report will profile additional vendors serving SCF.

This 59-page Impact Report contains 40 figures and four tables.

To purchase this report or for additional information, please contact:
Aite Group Sales
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Mardi 21 Février 2012

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