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Lundi 25 Novembre 2013

SuperCFO Launches Smart and Interactive Dashboard Solution for CEOs and CFOs

Convert your complex business data into smart and intelligent analytics with SuperCFO BI's easy-to-use solution. SuperCFO Services Pvt. Ltd, a leading provider of virtual, interim, and fulltime CFO solutions, has rolled out an online, smart analytics platform called SuperCFO BI ("Business Intelligence").

While graphs, charts, ratios, and sensitivity analysis are the most powerful MIS tools, CEOs and CFOs need a comprehensive dashboard to monitor key business indicators. This smart, intuitive, and easy-to-use Business Intelligence platform converts all business data into intelligent analytics in a few quick and easy steps. Since this is a cloud-based platform, any company (from a start-up to a large public corporation), can easily deploy SuperCFO BI in a few minutes.

Bhairav Kothari, Founder & MD of SuperCFO, said, "With SuperCFO BI, the Company has taken the next crucial leap in its evolution as a leading provider of full-fledged CFO services. Our endeavor is to empower CEOs and CFOs of growing companies, with smart analytics and a great reporting dashboard tool, without having the need to invest in expensive IT systems."

SuperCFO BI supports data upload in multiple formats like CSV, TSV, XLS or HTML (these are commonly used formats in which one can export data from virtually most Accounting, Operations, HR, and Management Software). Alternatively, you can simply feed in data directly using a spreadsheet-like interface. With the simple drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly build insightful graphs, charts, reports and dashboards, all by yourself. The User Interface of SuperCFO BI smartly facilitates creation of custom dashboards for CEOs and CFOs, Board of Directors, and Investors. The user simply needs to import data onto the SuperCFO BI platform, and the inbuilt wizard can generate several reports instantaneously. Moreover, data transfer is well supported via the email, export and print module.

"By making financial reports interactive, our team can create a customized experience and that allows me and our managers to drill down to information and numbers that are important to us. The user interface is fun to use and is backed by a strong analytics engine, which makes it easy to use on a daily basis," said Nanda Krish, Executive Chairman of Words and Numbers (a US-based, mid-size, digital-first content company that builds pedagogically sound content for high-stakes education initiatives).

SuperCFO BI works seamlessly across all industry segments and for all sizes of companies. Moreover, you pay as you use. Click here to get a sneak peek into the mechanics of SuperCFO BI.

SuperCFO has released a few sample CEO dashboards. Click here to view them.

About SuperCFO
SuperCFO Services Private Limited is a leading provider of Virtual, Interim and Full Time CFO Solutions with presence in India and Singapore, servicing clients globally. The Company services its domestic & international clients through a network of CFO Partners, based across the country. SuperCFO specializes in providing customized CFO Solutions to all kinds of Companies, right from a Startup to a large Public Company. SuperCFO also works closely with several Private Equity funds, assisting them with their portfolio companies.
For more information, please visit the Company website: SuperCFO.com

For more information on SuperCFO BI, please visit: bi.supercfo.com/


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