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Successful Leadership Traits & Bad Habits to Avoid

Positive reinforcement can be a double-edged sword. It is great to hear positive feedback, but it also makes it difficult to change ones behavior. According to Peter Drucker : "Most leaders don't need to learn what to do. They need to learn what to stop."

Joel Lesser
Joel Lesser
Marshall Goldsmith's article, "Ask What You Can Do", in the May 2013 edition of Financial Executive, is an excellent article which illustrates several good points. Many leaders can relate to at least one of 20 bad habits. To name a few: 1) Winning at any cost; 2) Passing judgment on others; 3) Telling everyone how smart we are; and 4) Not listening, the most passive-aggressive form of disrespect.

These faults, and 16 more stated in the article, are simple to correct...with a conscious effort. Though it seems simple, it is difficult for many of us to implement in our typical busy day. Much of this effort is in our own hands. We can't change history, but we can make ourselves more aware of our reactions with the people we are engaged with each day.

We as leaders must effectively and respectfully, use the good traits of what we learn.

Joel Lesser is a CFO who makes decisions - with his own brand of diligence, integrity and thoughtfulness - that ensure reliable foundations on which businesses and talent may grow.
Acutely aware of the domino effect of change, he constantly asks himself, “Are we not only doing it right, but also are we doing the right thing?”

Vendredi 8 Novembre 2013