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Success strategies for financial centers

Through an annual dialogue, the Liechtenstein Government has established a high-quality contact platform which brings together personalities from finance, economics, business, politics, science and the media to discuss critically and controversially themes relevant to financial markets.

Jérôme Turquey
Jérôme Turquey
The Dialogue 2007 will look at the needs of an innovative financial industry and the actions taken by financial centers to meet those needs, as well as the resulting challenges for the regulatory environment in the future. Under the title Navigating change: Success strategies for financial centers, this year’s conference will shed light on three major questions:

The first conference day (4 October 2007) will shed light on the following two major questions:

What are the needs of an innovative financial industry?
Identifying particularly promising businesses and products, and formulating the requirements in terms of regulatory frameworks and government behavior to capitalize on them.
What are financial centers doing to respond?
Showing how successful financial centers have been shaping their environments and regulatory frameworks to become attractive partners to the business community.

The second conference day (5 October 2007) will shed light on the following major question:

What are the challenges for regulators in the future?
Formulating appropriate regulatory reactions in various areas (such as taxation, company law, and market supervision) to greater competition among financial centers and the heightened demands of an innovative, globalized business community.

Lucien Thiel who used to be the General Manager for the Luxembourg Bankers' Association (ABBL) will represent the Luxembourg financial Center . He will take part in the panel discussion on "How can privacy survive in an environment of increasing information exchange?" on Friday, 5 October 2007. The basic objective of the panel is to discuss the (potential) area of conflict between the protection of legitimate privacy rights on the one hand and a comprehensive (cross-border) information exchange on the other hand.

Handouts & Presentations will be published later on this blog when available.

Jérôme Turquey Jérôme Turquey - Ethiques et gouvernance des places financières

Jeudi 27 Septembre 2007

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