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Street Smart Disciplines of Successful People

New Book Reveals the 7 Disciplines for Business Success.

Street Smart Disciplines of Successful People
"Street Smart Disciplines of Successful People: 7 Indispensable Disciplines for Breakout Business Success" (ISBN 1466335696- September 15, 2012). Written to engage, educate and inspire, it's an essential read for anyone who wants to climb the corporate ladder, aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch new businesses, or established business owners who want to take their organizations to the next level.

John A. Kuhn and Mark K. Mullins have decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience and have identified the seven vital disciplines that people must incorporate into their playbook to reach the pinnacle of business success. Kuhn and Mullins speak from experience: one of their first businesses was started for less than $1,000, became a multimillion-dollar success, and was sold debt-free to a large, Fortune 500 U.S. company using these very same disciplines.

Why do people need this book? It's the first book to explain the how and why of disciplines and the importance of integrating them into their life and business to fast-track success. Secondly, it's the only book that distills what true success demands into 7 easy to understand street smart and executable disciplines. It's a whole different type of book. It's all about the disciplines and street smarts. This is the real world of business.

These disciplines are drawn from real people and real experiences and include a compilation of advice, tips, techniques, and strategies. Readers can immediately start applying this vast storehouse of knowledge that combines the winning perspectives of successful entrepreneurial, corporate and academic experts.

Street Smart Disciplines of Successful People teaches readers how to:
- Develop a Dynamic Plan for Break-Out Success
- Maximize Yourself and Your Ideas
- Duplicate Winning Strategies of Successful People
- Manage Change and Complexity
- Master the Mental Game of Doing Business
...And much more

Kuhn and Mullins capture the essence of good business practices and distill them into simple, straight- talking language, demystifying the process of achieving breakout success.

Michael Kenny, Founder, Agoda.com (Booking.com-Priceline.com) commented: "It's the only book that shows what it really takes to succeed in business. One of the most honest business books I've read."

"Street Smart Disciplines of Successful People: 7 Indispensable Disciplines for Breakout Business Success" is available for sale online at Amazon.com and bookstores throughout Europe.

Lundi 24 Septembre 2012

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