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Jeudi 22 Octobre 2015

Spairliners’ Board names Sven-Uve Hueschler as new CEO, Benoît Crombois appointed new CFO

Spairliners GmbH, supplier of aircraft component support, announced today changes to its two Managing Directors. The Supervisory Board appointed the former CFO, Sven-Uve Hueschler as new CEO of Spairliners. At the same time, Benoît Crombois has joined the company’s management team as Chief Financial Officer. Both directors assumed their role on August 01, 2015.

Sven-Uve Hueschler brings an extensive and successful background in aircraft component MRO to his new position as CEO. Before joining Spairliners in 2013, he handled different positions in strategy and business development at Lufthansa Technik and led strategy execution projects for aircraft component services worldwide.

Benoît Crombois brings along 10 years of management experience in several disciplines like logistics, production and procurement of the MRO industry. Before joining Spairliners, he served as Procurement Director at AFI KLM E&M.
His track record, management expertise and ability to handle highly diverse and complex operations were decisive factors in his favour. “We are very excited to welcome Benoît to the Spairliners management team” says Spairliners’ new CEO, Sven-Uve Hueschler. “He brings great experience and thoughtful leadership – a perfect fit for his new role as Managing Director and CFO.”
“Joining Sven in managing a highly skilled team like Spairliners is great. I feel honoured to take my new position at this important phase of the company’s growth.” says Benoît Crombois.

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