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SingularityNET and Domino’s Pizza (Malaysia & Singapore) announces future strategic partnership

Leading AI company SingularityNET, whose decentralized platform lets anyone create, share, and deploy AI services at scale, will be entering a strategic partnership with Domino’s Pizza Malaysia & Singapore to facilitate their rapid expansion and growth in Malaysia and Singapore.

The partnership will enable SingularityNET’s decentralized community and award-winning AI researchers to build innovative algorithms and solutions leveraging the recently launched SingularityNET Beta platform The use of SingularityNET’s AI algorithms will enhance Domino’s operational capabilities and could open up new frontiers and opportunities for Domino’s to delight its rapidly growing customer base in Malaysia and Singapore.

SingularityNETs Chief Executive Officer, Ben Goertzel commented, “Domino’s has always prided itself on identifying and executing on opportunities for business innovation. This is how they have innovated in an extremely competitive market and continue to expand at remarkable speed.Today in 2019 we are going forward into a new phase of society and economy where AI is going to be the main focus of innovation across all domains of industry - so it is to Domino’s credit that they are fully embracing AI as a key part of their path forward. Embracing AI is what every company is going to need to do if they are going to succeed and flourish in the coming period. The projects we are discussing with Domino’s now are envisioned as the start of a long series of creative and transformative AI collaborations. We are proud to embark on a future partnership with Domino’s to achieve their ambition of becoming the leader in pizza delivery and customer brand loyalty by 2020”.

Domino’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ba U Shan-Ting remarked on this partnership, “At Domino’s, we combine technology and the talents of our people to provide our customers with the best products and service by driving innovation. This is valuable because it increases efficiency in the markets we serve, and that ultimately creates value for all stakeholders. This has been our mission and we remain fully committed to it. In our efforts to deliver on our mission, we’re guided by strong and meaningful values, including an unwavering commitment to integrity. We reinforce and build on our ability to deliver on our mission with continuous innovation and periodic transformation of our business. In fact, we are currently in the midst of transforming our core products and our data delivery platform to bring more speed and efficiency to our customers. Our newest transformation effort is occurring in our Operations function, where we are automating significant portions of our delivery operations and consolidating our operations centres. SingularityNET’s AI algorithms and services will allow us to explore these efficiencies at scale”.

As part of the partnership, SingularityNET will conduct feasibility studies, deliver AI centric workshops and develop algorithms to impact Domino’s business operations. Domino’s will broaden its ability to access scalable algorithms to solve some of the most pressing supply chain and logistics challenges.

This is a key milestone for SingularityNET as it fulfils the promise of bringing enterprise buyers of AI services to its marketplace to enable the network effects envisioned below.

SingularityNET is a full-stack AI solution powered by a decentralized protocol. SingularityNET’s core goal is to provide an intelligent fabric for AI algorithms to talk to each other — and in doing so, to provide both a teeming commercial marketplace for advanced AI solutions across vertical markets and the basis for the emergence of the world’s first true Artificial General Intelligence. The SingularityNET founders believe in open source and decentralized control, so that no single individual, corporation, or government will be able to dominate AI as it becomes increasingly more generally intelligent and capable. The project gathered the leading minds in machine learning and blockchain to democratize access to AI technology.

Domino’s Pizza Malaysia & Singapore
With over 260 stores in Malaysia and Singapore, headcounts over 4,000 staff, strives to enrich the lives of its employees and craft a positive and better workplace. Domino’s Pizza Singapore has proven itself to be an employer of choice by winning HR Asia’s ‘Best Companies to Work for in Asia’ for three consecutive years of 2016, 2017 and 2018. We take PRIDE in our commitment to enrich the lives of our customers, employees, partners, shareholders and communities. As one of the most lovable brands in Malaysia and Singapore, we will go the extra mile for your smile as well as uphold our culture to ‘sell more pizza, have more fun’. Embracing our company’s philosophy of smart hustle, Domino’s is committed to provide customers with the ultimate pizza delivery experience, with its product satisfaction guarantee, 30-minutes delivery guarantee and 15-minutes take-away guarantee.

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Jeudi 2 Mai 2019

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