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Lundi 26 Mars 2012

Shahn van Zyl Business Development Manager Master Data Management

Master Data Management, a provider of data management solutions has appointed Shahn van Zyl as Business Development Manager. Van Zyl will drive new businesses within the organisation and expand on the company’s focus to include additional sectors.

Van Zyl brings over twenty years of solutions sales experience to Master Data Management and will leverage this experience to identify new markets, tap into existing ones and increase the company’s client base.

Says van Zyl: “My passion for IT began once I had completed my studies and returned home to the family business where I assisted with implementing IT systems and maintaining the infrastructure. I was able to combine this passion with sales skills when I progressed to a large insurance firm in a business development capacity. This experience was taken to another level with sales positions within top ICT firms, cementing my experience in the industry.”

“The requirement for business development in the niche field of data quality and data management and fact that businesses need this technology and expertise more than ever now made this position particularly interesting to me. I plan to broaden Master Data Managements focus by expanding into new markets and growing the client base.”

Says Gary Allemann, MD at Master Data Management: “The data management market has seen substantial growth over the last few years, further fuelled by new legislation. In addition, the business interest in data management is being driven by the realisation that poor data can have a significant negative effect on the overall IT capability. This is evident with hundreds of millions of Rands being spent on IT projects such as data warehouses, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or master data platforms that cannot deliver the intended returns if the source data is not adequate for the purpose. We are meeting this demand ‘head on’ and plan to assist more businesses facing this challenge.”

“South African companies need an experienced partner to assist them with the core data management issues of Data Governance, Data Quality and Master Data Management. We have focused on these areas for almost 10 years. Our winning formula is combining our many years experience with the internationally proven tools and methodologies of our international partners – Harte Hanks-Trillium Software and Global Data Excellence. Van Zyl will leverage this to secure new business.”

Master Data Management


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