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Seamless customer experience with YESpay’s Omni-channel payment solutions

Retain customer loyalty and scale up businesses by offering customers a faster, more stable and a more secure payment solution

25 June, 2013 | London: Intelligent, integrated and hassle-free payment options have made their way to customers’ preference charts. To succeed, all retailers – big or small, must empower and innovate to make their customers tick. No choices here; the key to solve this conundrum lies in adopting Omni-channel. In its most simple sense, YESpay’s Omni-channel is a single payment solution through a single payment gateway at different point of sales. Omni-channel is designed to offer payment solutions that seamlessly ease into customer’s day-to-day lives.

YESpay’s solution is designed for both card-present and card-not present environment. Ideal for Retail, Kiosk, Hospitality, MOTO, Internet, Mobile, Tablets and Social Commerce environments, Omni-channel has a cross channel capability as the customer who buys online can return the product in store because it is the same payment gateway that is managing both the transactions. Linked to YESpay’s single hosted EMBOSS gateway, all solutions converge into a single data centre that is based on a unique ‘Cloud A2 computing architecture’ making it possible for retailers to seamlessly receive payments across countries and channels. EMBOSS is fully EMV Chip & PIN, PCI- DSS (Level 1) and PA-DSS certified and hence takes away the headache of PCI Compliance for retailers.

“Today, integrated payment solution through multiple retail channel is not just a strategic advantage but is hygiene. Merchants want to sell through different points of sale environment viz. retail, kiosk and e-commerce and increase their footfalls by attracting customers. For this, one undoubtedly needs an integrated managed service channel that is simple, PCI-certified and hassle free amongst the other things”, said Rohit Patni, Co-Founder and Director, YESpay.

Some of the compelling advantages of YESpay’s Omni-channel are:
- Solutions that integrate with EPOS tills, kiosks, tablets and smartphones
- Fraud & Risk Management with 3D Secure and Point-to-Point Encryption
- Value-added services such as DCC & Tax-free
- Cost-effective along with ease of integration
- Ability to perform on-line as well as off-line transactions
- Increased revenue and growth opportunities – more touch points into target market for retailers
- Better responsiveness and sensitivity to changing environments
- Increased customer loyalty through better understanding of customers
- Better customer experience reducing churn and increasing loyalty
- Customers also benefit from an increased choice of interaction opportunities and the ability to switch channels as per their convenience
- 24x7 fault tolerance
- Easier to train staff – many retailers hire college students who move out quickly. Training the staff on the processes of Omni-channel is fairly simple and less time consuming.
- Much better return on EPOS
- Choice of pin pads
- Omni-channel ensures a quick win. Get there for the competitive advantage!

About YESpay International Limited
YESpay International Ltd., a global card payments service company, provides highly secure Internet, EMV Chip and PIN, contactless and gift card payment processing services to independent and multi-chain merchants. The company was founded in the UK in 2002 and today is led by a team of over 150 professionals with 60+ years experience in the payments industry.
Through EMBOSS, the YESpay Managed Payment Service, merchants can quickly accept integrated card payments within EPOS, kiosks, hospitality and e-commerce systems with minimal capital investment and low on-going services costs. In addition, the YESpay EMBOSS service is fully end-to-end certified to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) Level 1 as mandated by Visa and MasterCard.
The YESpay EasyV-Suite of card payment products is innovative and cost-effective for EPOS, Kiosk, Hospitality, Mobile and Internet environments. With the YESpay EMBOSS card payment service, merchants can perform card payments in both card-present and card-not-present environments.

Vendredi 28 Juin 2013

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