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Scanz Review: Is This Scanner Worth the Investment?

If you’re an active swing or day trader, chances are, you know the importance of having a powerful stock scanner. Being able to take advantage of endless trade opportunities is only possible if you can scan the entire market in seconds. With the Scanz market scanning platform, you can!

This platform for traders offers everything you’d need to take your day trading to the next level, including a comprehensive filter criteria, custom filters, breakout alerts, tabbed windows, and more. It even supports foreign stocks and penny stocks.

Aside from its primary function as a stock screener, Scanz also doubles as a powerful news streaming service. With information from multiple news sources, Scanz provides news alerts on current events that could help—or harm—your investments.

Not all stock scanners are worth using, but most of them cost a pretty penny. Is Scanz worth your hard-earned money? By the end of this review, you’ll be able to decide for yourself!

Scanz is best for…

Active traders—such as swing and day traders—who need a one-stop access point to news stories, notifications, trade signals, Level 1 & 2 data, and more. With a wide variety of popular filters to choose from (and the option to use custom filters) for both the scanner and the news streamer, traders using this platform will be able to manage active stocks with ease.


In previous years, Scanz allowed day and swing traders to sign up for the stock market scanner and the news feeds separately. However, Scanz has since removed this option, leaving only the $169/month premium plan.

This plan includes both the intuitive scanning platform and news feeds, but you might be wondering if it is worth it? Well, we think it is for traders who need the most accurate data fast. However, why take our word for it when you could test out Scanz for yourself!?

Currently, the platform is offering a 7-day free trial, which should give you plenty of time to test both the scanner and the news feeds. By the time the 7-day trial is up, you’ll definitely know whether or not this platform can provide you with the trading opportunities that you’re looking for. If you decide it’s not, fortunately, there are cheaper alternatives available.

Free trials are fairly common these days, but we especially like this one because you don’t need a credit card. You just need to go through the simple process of setting up an account. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to test out the platform's features for free!

Although this powerful scanning platform only offers one plan, they do offer an add-on as well: OTC Markets! This add-on gives you access to data from a lesser-utilized section of the stock market, penny and sub-penny stocks.

Regardless of which stock type you’re trying to trade, you’ll receive the same comprehensive data as any other stock. The OTC Markets add-on gives you the list of stocks (penny/sub-penny), the individual stock price, Level 1 & 2 data, advanced news feeds, and SEC filings.


The features of Scanz can be broken down into two main categories: the scanners and the news streamer.

The Scanner
The scanners offer a multitude of features, including fundamental filters (like market capitalization), liquidity filters, and technical filters (like Bollinger bands). They let you set alerts for price and volume breakouts, new highs, and new lows.

The scanner also supports drawing tools (such as Fibonacci retracements), allows you to view information from bankrupt stocks, and even lets you export the data you’ve gathered into a CSV file for further technical analysis.

Not quite sure how to use the scanner yet? Not to worry: video tutorials are provided!

The News Streamer
You’ll never miss relevant business deal news stories thanks to the Scanz new streamer. Sourced from 60+ news providers and 50+ blogs, the news stream makes it easy to find relevant information fast.

Looking for something specific? The News Stream has pre-built scan options, which allow you to find news around a particular topic fast.

Beta Features

Currently, Scanz has a few different “early access beta” features that it’s working on. You’ll be able to access these features while they’re still being perfected. We think these features add a lot of value to the platform and will be game-changing once they’ve been perfected. The following are beta features:

Pre-configured scans - Scans is currently developing a library of 50+ scans and strategies. Once finished, this feature will allow for one-click scanning.
Broker integrations - This feature will allow you to complete trades through your brokerage platforms, directly from Scanz.
Pre-market, regular hours, and after-hours - Watch a dedicated standalone session (of the time period of your choice) with real-time data.

Scanz Review: A Summary

Providing trade signals, breakout signals, technical filters, live news, broker integration, and more—with support for foreign, penny, sub-penny, and regular stocks—Scanz is an excellent platform. Although some of its features (such as trading platform integration with popular brokers) are still being developed, we think it’s a great tool for day trading.

As an added bonus, it also saves you time by consolidating all relevant trading news and information onto a single platform.

The monthly fee is quite high, so we can’t recommend it for traders who are still learning to trade. However, assuming you’re already an experienced trader, the platform is sure to offer you a lot of useful real-time data.

If you’re ready to take your trading to the next level with a premium stock and news scanner, click here to enjoy your first week completely free (no credit card required!).


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