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Revitalising corporate Japan. A prescription for growth

Corporate leaders need to champion organisational transformation to succeed in today’s complex international environment.

Revitalising corporate Japan. A prescription for growth
Japan was the trailblazer for today’s emerging economies, as the first non-Western nation to become a modern economic power. Its meteoric rise from postwar poverty and landmark achievement in establishing “Made in Japan” as the global catchphrase for quality set the benchmark in economic development.

Today, Japan is also the pacesetter for the advanced economies, the first to face challenges looming in everyone’s future: the ageing of society and the imperative to transform mature economies to meet the demands of an increasingly complex global business environment. How Japan fares will hold lessons for us all — which is why PwC believes the world needs a deeper understanding of Japan’s current situation.

We saw an opportunity to focus the unparalleled expertise of the PwC global network on the issues facing Japan and Japanese corporations. A PwC team sat down with 60 senior business and political leaders, academics and specialists for extensive discussions, and to learn what changes they’re making in their own organisations in response to current challenges.

We hope our analysis will contribute to today’s debate on the future course of Japan and its leading firms. Our aim — pursued with great respect and affection — is to enrich the dialogue between Japan’s business leaders and their stakeholders.

Download the report (PDF 72 pages in English):

Vendredi 28 Septembre 2012