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Corporate Finance, DeFi, Blockchain News

Reltime launches state-of-the-art, global, Web3 embedded finance platform

Taking embedded finance to the next level.

Reltime announces today the launch of its one-stop-shop solution to fast-track embedded finance, especially designed for telecom operators, financial service providers focusing on specific target groups, neobanks, gaming and virtual sports metaverse companies, supermarket chains, shopping malls, e-commerce firms and others with a large customer base

Named FastTrack to Embedded Finance and available on one single platform anywhere in the world, Reltime enables companies to offer cutting-edge, real-time, fully-compliant (PEP, AML, low-cost eKYC, and regulatory radar) Web3 financial services to existing and new customers with 24/7/365 support.

“Through Reltime’s best-in-class FastTrack to Embedded Finance, game-changing financial services can be provided to your customer base under your own brand, providing attractive new revenue streams while reducing your customer churn," says Peter Michel Heilmann, CEO, Reltime. ”Reltime is your new global partner for anything related to embedded finance.”

Reltime’s FastTrack to Embedded Finance difference

1. One stop shop
a. One single, global, decentralised, agile and Web3 financial platform
b. Reltime sets up everything from the next-generation Super App (either white label or through OpenAPI) with unique features, back and front-end, customer and technical support, etc. to card programmes and more
c. Plug into Reltime’s global network of trusted partners offering specialised, value-added services

2. New way of financial interaction
a. Engaging and serving your customers in a whole new way
b. Faster: within seconds, 24/7/365
c. Easier and better, for example: your customers are able to simply and conveniently access a full range of financial services, interacting and transacting with their mobile phone contacts
d. More personal: your customers can invite their family, friends and colleagues to interact and transact locally and globally
e. Low to no-cost fees for your customers

3. Easy integration and onboarding
a. Hassle-free set-up process, easy integration and fast delivery time of three weeks for all basic features
b. OpenAPI: if you have an existing app, you can easily embed Reltime’s global Web3 financial ecosystem
c. Seamless onboarding process (Reltime’s proprietary eKYC technology uses AI and ML).

Additional benefits include:
• Reducing your customer churn
• Providing attractive new revenue streams
• Significant cost savings compared to traditional centralised financial systems
• Time savings of more than 300,000 hours of technical development
• Plug and play.

Reltime offers a full stack of embedded finance services, including a next-generation Super App with unique features such as:
o Hybrid: fiat and digital assets
o Move money to and from any country in the world
o Settlement and payment in less than 5 seconds
o Joint accounts with family, friends and colleagues
o Physical, biometric and virtual cards
o Transactions through QR code, mobile phone, virtual wallets and by E-mail
o Peer-to-peer (through phone contacts) and peer-to-marketplace lending and borrowing, with or without collateral, with the opportunity to earn money
o Swapping and bridging digital assets
o And much more.

About Reltime
Headquartered in Oslo, Reltime is the world's first global, Layer 1, Proof of Authority, Web3 financial ecosystem that builds on-net services. Reltime is also a purpose-driven technology company offering disruptive and cutting-edge white-label B2B2C and Web3 embedded finance solutions to partners around the world.
Reltime leads a growing, global family of people, merchants and businesses large and small, taking back control of their finances, identity and assets in a whole new way. Putting financial power squarely in their hands in a decentralised, easy, seamless, real-time and low to no-cost way, Reltime dramatically reduces the cost, speed and hassle of financial transactions.
End users of Reltime’s B2B2C and Web3 embedded finance partners can move, lend, borrow, earn, swap, stake, interact, transact and do more with money in and to 150 countries in less than 5 seconds—bypassing the middleman. The idea behind Reltime germinated when co-founder and inventor Frode van der Laak started to deep dive into blockchain for his PhD in mathematics. Reltime is #MoreThanMoney.
White paper 5.0:


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Lundi 7 Novembre 2022

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