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Reasons to attend the Copenhagen Compliance Conference

Governance, Risk Management, Internal Control, and Compliance (GRC) activities are often enabled by a patchwork of manual processes and virtual paperwork in the form of uncontrolled documents and spreadsheets. GRC is the way to start addressing current and upcoming issues.

Reasons to attend the Copenhagen Compliance Conference
Success of the GRC efforts on the other hand, is dependent on the creativity, drive, and productivity of the GRC staff and the IT tools. GRC efforts are magnified in the current environment where we can expect more oversight and regulations. The conference focuses on establishing Good Governance, implement Enterprise Risk Management (instead of silos), and implement sustainable Compliance programs.

Five reasons why you must attend - and reserve your place at the Copenhagen Compliance Conference without delay:
- Scope: The Copenhagen Compliance conference continues to be both Topical and Timely. Since the beginning 5 years ago, relevant issues have been attacked from several angles to implement and develop an integrated Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT programs. Participants have many times complimented the conferences intention to learn the complex regulatory and related issues from each other in the various trades. The participants thereby gain a wide range of experience with insight from a variety of industries and speakers including Medico, Finance & Banking, Pharmaceuticals, IT experts, Software Architects, Auditors, Lawyers and Professors.
- Relevant: All Key note speakers are obliged to sing from the same hymn sheet and focus on Governance, Risk and Compliance issues from various angles without filters. The Conference is divided into 4 sessions and enables you to focus on the GRC topics most relevant to your professional concerns.
- Interactive: Every session, keynote and breakout, has an extended Q&A session built in. In fact, each breakout Q&A will run for approx. 30 minutes, giving you ample time for questions - and expert answers. Breakouts will be dynamic discussion groups, led by the conference chairman who has extensive experience in the field.
- Networking: Networking time is built into the conference, enabling you to talk to speakers on a one-to-one basis and meet peers and potential partners who share the same GRC concerns and objectives.
- Cutting Edge: Discover the latest issues in and around GRC concerns. Successful organizations and leading figures offer their essential experience and solutions around GRC policies, and program development.

Register now and get the latest updates on Interdisciplinary Governance, Risk and Compliance issues tailored for an International audience.

Vendredi 11 Mai 2012

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