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Mercredi 30 Octobre 2013

PwC buys Booz & Co

PwC has agreed to buy management consultancy Booz & Co. Booz & Co was formed nearly 100 years ago and now has 57 offices around the world with 300 partners, a workforce of 3000 and estimated revenues of c$1b. PwC dwarfs them with c$32b revenues. The FT reports that Accenture has also been running the sliderule over Booz.

PwC has been rebuilding its consulting arm after selling it to IBM for $3.5b in 2002. The smaller management consultancies have been struggling against the Big Four global players and more mergers of this kind are likely. Whether this is a ‘good thing’ is debatable. Even now Booz will probably have to give up some contracts as ‘conflicts of interest’ emerge. Unbiased advice just got more difficult.

Source :
UK Tech Market View
Wednesday 30 October 2013


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