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PrimeRevenue is Leading the Discussion on Cost and Cash Optimization

PrimeRevenue Highlights Ways Supply Chain Finance is Transforming the Procurement Function

PrimeRevenue, Inc., the leading SaaS platform for global supply chain finance, announced today that the company is sponsoring the Next Decade Series 13 Event taking place on July 16 in Sydney, Australia. Organized by Procurement Leaders, the event highlights the tools, technologies and processes that shape the future of procurement.

The Next Decade Series Event is part of a groundbreaking new global initiative aimed at positioning Procurement as a crucial component driving organizational success. Taking place in six cities across four continents, the 2013 series showcases leading-edge research, trends and best practices alongside a series of interactive roundtables where executives share experiences, insight and challenges. Eugene Buckley, a thought leader in Supply Chain Finance will lead the main discussion on cost and cash optimization, highlighting the role of Supply Chain Finance as a decisive procurement strategy.

“Procurement needs to be positioned as the function that aids growth and drives innovation, and this can only be achieved by taking a holistic view of procurement costs,” said Eugene Buckley, vice president and general manager Asia Pacific at PrimeRevenue. “While the definition of the procurement function is usually associated with managing the costs of goods and services, logistics, warehousing, and supply chain management, there is a cost that many purchasing people overlook: the cost of working capital. Working capital is the financial foundation of any commercial business and the PrimeRevenue OpenSCiTM Supply Chain Finance platform offers organizations on both sides of the supply chain the strategic working capital management tools they need. Used by over 90 buying organizations worldwide, OpenSCi allows both buyers and suppliers to improve cash flow and mitigate supply chain risks,” added Buckley.

About PrimeRevenue, Inc.
For organizations that view their supply chains as a strategic asset and are seeking to increase supply chain efficiency, PrimeRevenue has the answer. PrimeRevenue provides cash flow to more than 12,000 buyers and suppliers through their OpenSCi™ platform which offers the control and flexibility required by businesses to optimize their working capital and to reduce costs and capital risks throughout their financial supply chains. Headquartered in Atlanta, PrimeRevenue also has offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt and Prague, as well as in Melbourne and Hong Kong, and operates the largest supply chain finance programs for clients around the globe. For more information or to contact us, please visit

Vendredi 12 Juillet 2013