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Mardi 28 Février 2012

PrimeRevenue Presents on OpenSCi, the Leading Cloud-Based Supply Chain Finance Interchange

PJ Bain, CEO, showcases the only end-to-end SCF solution for financing the supply chain

PJ Bain, PrimeRevenue’s CEO, will deliver a presentation on PrimeRevenue OpenSCi™, the only end-to-end supply chain finance (SCF) solution which extends beyond individual trade financing into broader value-added services and visibility into financing the entire supply chain. The presentation will be part of the 8th Annual West Coast Information Security & Emerging Growth Conference held by AGC in San Francisco, California, during February 27-28, 2012.

The conference, unique in its focus on private companies, brings together executives and top decision makers from leading public and private growth technology companies in fields such as Information Security, Cloud Computing, Data Center, Services, and Software. The program, which includes panel discussions and company presentations, facilitates networking and the exchange of ideas and information affecting the emerging growth technology field.

PJ Bain’s presentation, scheduled for the second day of the conference on February 28, will describe PrimeRevenue’s corporate growth success to date and the launch of PrimeRevenue’s newest SCF offering, PrimeRevenue OpenSci. In addition to bringing unprecedented transparency to the entire supply chain, OpenSci also addresses multiple challenges in working capital and cash flow allowing cross-application integration, previously not possible with individual SCF solutions.

“In 2004, PrimeRevenue revolutionized supply chain finance (SCF) by inventing the first web-accessed, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application platform for SCF. In 2012, we are once more breaking ground by launching PrimeRevenue OpenSci, a cloud-based, multi-bank system that allows plug-and-play capabilities for several applications that add value to Buyers, Suppliers, and Financial Institutions alike,” comments P.J. Bain, CEO of PrimeRevenue. “By taking a holistic view of the supply chain, OpenSci speeds cash flow for Suppliers and reduces cost, optimizes working capital and lowers risk throughout the supply chain for Buyers,” added Bain.

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