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Prime Revenue and Singapore-based ApexPeak Forge Global Partnership in Supply Chain Finance

Key alliance between PrimeRevenue and ApexPeak defines new funding sources to for trade finance.

PrimeRevenue Inc., the global leader in working capital finance solutions, signed a strategic partnership with specialized financier ApexPeak based in Singapore. The partnership delivers new innovative funding sources to companies seeking to improve their working capital. The partnership also marks an expansion of PrimeRevenue’ presence in the Asia-Pacific region to serve the growing demand for its products and services.

The benefits of supply chain finance solutions as an important source of liquidity are increasingly recognized as companies across the globe experience an ongoing reduction in capital availability and pressure to improve cash flow. While many banks have tightened their lending criteria, there are investors, such as ApexPeak, who seek to invest in working capital finance solutions. Having successfully made the leap from niche to mainstream, such solutions are growing rapidly and open new funding opportunities for investors above and beyond mainstream banks and commercial finance firms.

PrimeRevenue has become the standard platform for global working capital finance solutions providing non-bank investors easy and fast access to participate and fund trade receivables in more than 50 countries. “Our partnership with PrimeRevenue represents a new chapter in broadening the range of funding opportunities for our investors and provides access to a truly innovative solution,” said Gakim Solomons, CEO of ApexPeak. Solomons added, “We chose to partner with PrimeRevenue because they offer the largest platform of available trade assets to fund. In addition, their services, operations and support makes it is easy to join and participate in new and existing financing programs.

“Working capital finance solutions have emerged as the new playing field for non-bank funders. When comparing the yields generated by banks in supply chain finance to commercial papers as a benchmark, there is strong evidence for arbitrage. And, despite the high yields, default rates are very low. The transparency provided through our OpenSCi platform further reduces risks,” said Rob Barnes, Commercial Advisor, Founder of PrimeRevenue. “This strategic partnership will further strengthen our funding pool and diversify financing opportunities for our clients.”

About ApexPeak
ApexPeak is an emerging markets focused working capital provider headquartered in Singapore. ApexPeak deals directly with businesses as well as those transacting on electronic invoicing networks. The simple and innovative approach of ApexPeak helps ease the cash flow problems faced by most business owners today by offering them early payments on their invoices. ApexPeak has financed transactions in over 25 emerging market countries to date and has built a reputation for speed and efficiency in its approach to financing businesses.

About PrimeRevenue, Inc.
For organizations that view their supply chains as a strategic asset and are seeking to increase supply chain efficiency, PrimeRevenue has the answer. PrimeRevenue provides cash flow to more than 15,000 clients through its OpenSCi suite which offers the control and flexibility required by organizations to optimize their working capital as well as reduce costs and risks throughout the financial supply chain. Headquartered in Atlanta, PrimeRevenue also has offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Prague, Melbourne, and Hong Kong. PrimeRevenue operates some of the largest supply chain finance programs for clients around the globe.

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