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Priceline Treasurer Led Before Taking On a Leadership Role

As a trader throughout his career, Douglas Tropp, treasurer of The Priceline Group Inc., had numerous experiences as an individual contributor. What he learned was how to lead through influencing when there’s not a direct reporting relationship. “A big part of leadership is the ability to influence others,” he said. “I picked that up at an early age. It’s about translating ideas and concepts for others who may not have the same experience and learning to influence them and bringing them on board to move things along.”

After graduating from Syracuse University, Tropp took a role at Fuji Bank Ltd.’s New York branch. He began as a desk clerk and assistant trader and later became a proprietary trader. When the Japanese banks were hit by the Asian crisis and the LTCB scandal in the late 1990s, he decided to earn his MBA and switched paths to the corporate world. This afforded him the chance to trade similar instruments, in a less stressful environment with career upside...

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Mardi 31 Mai 2016