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Ontology Partners with Decentralized Mobility Platform bloXmove To Bring Interoperable Decentralized Identity To Urban Transport Apps

bloXmove will integrate Ontology’s decentralized identity protocol to help make the urban transport app industry easier to use, more private, and more secure

Ontology, the project bringing trust, privacy, and security to Web3 through decentralized identity and data solutions, has announced a partnership with bloXmove, a business-to-business mobility blockchain platform designed to simplify travel across multiple forms of transportation by connecting mobility apps and reducing the need for users to switch between them.

The rapid increase in the digitization of transport and emergence of digital mobility apps enabling individuals to avail of cars, scooters, bikes, flight and train tickets, and more has resulted in a fragmented infrastructure that requires users to sign-up to various applications over and over again. This has led to a proliferation of data exchange, as users are increasingly required to hand over sensitive data.

Addressing these problems, this partnership will see bloXmove integrate Ontology’s decentralized digital identity protocol (DID) into its platform, providing users with a decentralized identifier that will allow them to share their verifiable credentials, such as driving licenses, in a way that is totally private, secure and encrypted. It will also allow them to store a host of identifiers securely in one place, enabling reuse of the same identifier for multiple modes of transport, whilst remaining assured that their private information is safe.

Li Jun, Founder of Ontology said: “The fragmentation of the urban transport industry means there is a great need to fortify user security and data through decentralized technologies. bloXmove is doing amazing work to streamline the user journey and now, by integrating Ontology’s DID and data solutions, the whole ecosystem will be made easier to navigate, more private, and more secure. Following on from our previous partnership with bloXmove incubator and Mercedes parent Daimler Mobility to develop Welcome Home, we are proud to be continuing to bring tangible use cases for blockchain and decentralized identity to the transport industry. We look forward to supporting bloXmove in creating the biggest global mobility alliance connecting bikes, scooters, car-sharing, trains and more.”

With bloXmove, settlements can be automated and secured via BLXM, the bloXmove token. Ontology will support token generation for bloXmove, whose access token smart contracts will be deployed on the Ontology chain. In addition, by leveraging Ontology’s blockchain technology, bloXmove will also achieve interoperability with other public blockchains while improving efficiency and lowering costs.

Dr. Harry Behrens, CTO and Co-Founder of bloXmove, said, “We are honored to partner with Ontology to combine bloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform with their state-of-the-art DID Technology. Decentralized Identifiers (DID) are the crucial addition to Blockchain to create real-world business applications. This collaboration will bring us to the next level of mobility service roaming and decentralization. Easy access to mobility should not mean a compromise on privacy and data security for our users, which is why we have partnered with Ontology to strengthen our offering and provide our users with new, even more secure ways to share their information when using mobility apps.”

About Ontology
The Ontology blockchain is a high speed, low cost public blockchain bringing decentralized identity and data solutions to Web3. Increasing privacy, transparency, and trust, the high speed, low cost, layer 2 blockchain is designed to give users and enterprises the flexibility to build blockchain-based solutions that suit their needs, while also ensuring regulatory compliance. Through Ontology’s Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Ontology ensures frictionless compatibility with Ethereum, the first step in the creation of the Ontology Multi-Virtual Machine and further interoperability for the chain.

About BloXmove
bloXmove is offering the Mobility Blockchain Platform which connects all types of service providers in one urban Mobility Alliance: such as scooter, car sharing, fleet operators and public transportations. bloXmove’s protocol (as a service) empowers Decentralized Mobility (#DeMo) by developing and maintaining a shared infrastructure, based on blockchain technologies. Within that ecosystem, mobility providers can offer their verified services to verified users and settlements can be automated and secured via BLXM, the bloXmove token - issued by the BLXM Token Factory. Mobility providers can offer integrated customer journeys from A to B beyond cities and countries. bloXmove’s distributed ledger technology enables that service roaming.
The bloXmove protocol exists in the backend, invisible to the user. We are giving companies – both mobility providers and app operators – the possibility to create business cases such as: collaboration in decentralized mobility ecosystems while retaining diversity and competition.


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Jeudi 25 Novembre 2021

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