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Mardi 26 Janvier 2016

OBITS Positions for Bright Future with OpenLedger on BTS 2.0

Market maker and cryptocurrency OBITS is celebrating the end of its crowdsale with its first buyback, a dividend option and a new fiat gateway on FinTech DEX OpenLedger.

New cryptocurrency OBITS has made waves in the ecosystem by raising more than 700 BTC in its public crowdsale, equivalent to $270,000 – all of which is earmarked for development costs. Now moving into its second phase, the first buyback will take place on 2 February 2016, and future profits will be used for market-making and to add value to the end users of the OpenLedger platform. Users will also be able to vote on a dividend option, meaning this may be the last buyback ever.


OBITS gains its value from a growing number of revenue streams hosted on decentralised exchange (DEX) OpenLedger., the Danish registrar for OpenLedger, is continually adding more projects to the list, progressively increasing income. CEO Ronny Boesing comments, ‘OBITS as a currency and a market maker is really making waves. We have come to the conclusion that the best possible value of OBITS is based on putting a HOLD on selling any remaining supply from our side, starting from the time of first buyback. The countdown starts on Monday January 18th, on the website.

‘In future we will only offer a limited amount of the remaining OBITS for sale, based on the introduction of a new project, always adding new value to the overall portfolio OBITS represents. We believe that the first and possibly only buyback, which will take place early in February, will confirm OBITS holders in their belief that OBITS is a currency with great potential.’ The first new project is expected in the middle of February, at which point a proportion of the remaining OBITS will be sold.

Dividend option with
Underlining the breadth of marketing from the CCEDK home base, a special pre-buyback was carried out on January 16th using one of the future profit generators of OBITS: a tool called This unique sharebot mechanism conducted an instant share drop to all OBITS holders, distributing 2 bitcoins (BTC) in the form of the User Issued Asset (UIA) OPENBTC. This amount of OPENBTC was spread across some 335 holders as found on BTS block explorer Any of the recipients could then trade the asset on the market of their choice, keep it on account or withdraw it to their BTC wallet.

Fiat gateway on DEX
Illustrating the constant innovation that underpins OBITS, is a fiat gateway set to launch on Wednesday 20th January. ‘It will be possible to transfer any one of more than 15 fiat currencies to be converted into USD, EUR and CNY, upon receipt,’ says Boesing. ‘These are directly deposited to the user’s OpenLedger account according to AML/KYC procedures. These fiat currencies will then appear on their account as their equivalents: OPEN.USD, OPEN.EUR, and OPEN.EUR.

‘It will be the first time users have ever been able to deposit fiat via a gateway directly to a decentralised exchange and its equivalent fiat asset. On top of this, you immediately have the option to exchange your fiat to the official currency of the platform – namely BitShares – and use this to buy pegged assets like gold, silver, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and so on. This list will increase month by month, and deposit is absolutely free, meaning there is truly a 1:1 correspondence between EUR and OPEN.EUR. In the coming months and potentially even in February new gateways will be added, hopefully including the Debit Card NanoCard, PayPal and Ripple.’

About OpenLedger is a financial system based on Bitshares 2.0 and launched by CEO Ronny Boesing from CCEDK in co-operation with the blockchain company Cryptonomex and their Graphene toolkit. It is designed to combine the best of traditional financial and cutting-edge cryptocurrency worlds: a fast trading platform that offers full transparency and the safety of multi-sig accounts, whilst remaining KYC and AML compliant.

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