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Jeudi 11 Décembre 2014

Now is the right time for your exit plan

During my corporate career my intent was always to try to formulate my exit plan. Why? Because I had found early in my career that in order for me to advance within an organization invariably I needed to find and develop my replacement.

Shawn Casemore
Shawn Casemore
Even today I’ve got a sound exit plan developed, allowing me the opportunity to focus on a future that will continue to provide me with interest and excitement. The question that I have for you then is, what’s your exit plan?

Initially I thought my approach was a little self-serving and is likely something only I do, but guess what? I’ve found repeatedly that many of the most successful entrepreneurs, business owners and executives that I’ve met with have an exit plan, be it the sale of their business, the on-boarding of their replacement or simply a shift in gears that will allow them the opportunity to concentrate on other priorities.

To help you form your own exit plan, here are some questions for your to consider:

1. Where does your business or company need to be in 10 years time to allow you to focus on those things you love to do?

2. What structure is required in your business or organization to support this vision?

3. What are the top five strategic initiatives that will help move your business in the direction that will allow you to exit?

4. How might you bridge the gap to pursue this direction starting immediately?

An exit plan, whether documented formally or simply some ideas that you carry with you, is a necessary component to always ensuring you are stretching and reaching for your next big thing.

Question: What steps can you take today that will help you move closer to your exit plan?

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